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  • nickdidomenico nickdidomenico Sep 19, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

    AGEN may be a better play - PII derisked IMUC could still tank on PII

    also note no large sustained price spike on good PII results out of Agen.

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    • Tell us how that AGEN deal works out for you.

      i guess you weren't on this board when those results came out a few months ago, but we went over it on this board.

      My theory on the mediocre price action when AGEN reported those results was because Scott Mattsow wrote an article telling people to buy AGEN for the results shortly before the results came out and everyone did. when the results came out, the traders that listened to his advice dumped all the shares.

      All you have to do is check out the date of that article (if its still posted on Seeking Alpha) and follow AGEN's volume on the date of publication and the following days. it was disgraceful, Im not in AGEN but I saw that happen and it really upset me. if i was long AGEN with a lot of money, i would be have been very upset. and like alot of the retail investors that follow SM's advice also got burnt on that if they weren't fast enough to get out. it was just a lose/lose situation for everyone except the author and a few people that grabbed a few smalll percentage points and bailed.

      Anyway, my point is: AGEN has been in the sights of Seeking Alpha manipulators and i would be very careful with that one. if youre not long and willing to buy on the dips, good luck , otherwise i would be very very cautious with that one. I dont know enough about AGEN though. but since youre in it, you should already know if it a bargain or not from your research and weighing the pros/cons of owning the stock.

      Have fun. :)

    • IMUC's PII is designed a lot like a PIII. If their results turn out good, they can pass AGEN.

    • nick,
      - - I did a quick read of the Agen website. This is currently the best kept secret in biotechland. Ten ongoing trials, 4 in phase III ! - Not at all a one trick pony, like umm, well, I better not say. lol
      - - Float of 24 million !!...29 million outstanding. 30% insider and 25% institutional holdings- Nice
      $20-$25 a share in three years. - tumor cells to make vaccine, proven to work,, , twice now..

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      • Hey Checkmate, my post on the onty board early this morning - read it and weep.

        After further review, this call has been overturned. Read the 10-k last night. Six of the 10 trials are other companies using their adjuvant, QS-21. - "Our patent on QS-21 Stimulon composition of matter has already expired in virtually all territories. . . ." ---- " we are aware of at least one other party that makes a synthetic version of QS-21, ...."

        The article this morning by my advisor , Fuerstein, that was the final nail. - He does a good job explaining how once again these bio companies spin ph I and ph II results to look exceptionally favorable. Like onty ?. Phase III results, no company can B.S. that. Less

      • chessnotcheckersed Sep 20, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

        AGEN makes IMUC like a overpriced POS (which of course it is). The obvious play is to short IMUC & go long on AGEN.
        They also don't have the "Bad Guys" lining up to kick the $#!tT out of it as with IMUC where they are in the process of shorting it back down to below a $1. Nice profit for the "Bad Guys" - $1 to $4 to $1, mucho dinero!!
        Read Scott Fearon's "Terminal Diagnosis: Despite What You May Have Heard, Dendreon Is A 'Dead Company Walking'" on SA.
        IMUC comes into exactly the same category - "dead-company-walking"

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • "AGEN....PII derisked" hahahaha, if you believe that, you should leave the stock market NOW!

    • nick they are both good technologies why denegrate either

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      • I am not. simple point being you can hold imuc and risk the PII results or hold agen and know you will get into a PIII study. from the tone of the last cc CEO seemed to be defining a PII sucess as results good enough to move into a PIII study, well AGEN has done just that. I have been in and out of imuc made some money and am currently out. last out at $3.50. not held any agen so far. lucky enough to have caught cldx very early for a large position.

    • Do you notice the differences between AGEN PII and IMUC PIIb? Number of patients, IMUC study is double blind. AGEN PIII study is going to look a lot like IMUC PIIb. I have serious doubts AGEN will be first to market. That said, AGEN results are nice. No reason not to have shares of both.

    • AGEN may be successful but be prepared to wait 2-3 years until phase 3 is finished.

    • Not surprised. The Street doesn't think immunotherapy works. (See my post below.) Their ignorance is our gain. May it continue for awhile so I can add to my position. As I noted elsewhere, Agenus has become a legitimate investment opportunity -- while providing IMUC with proof of concept (for those able to understand it.) Agenus also represents a bit of a threat to IMUC in that it is first out of the gate. If it continues to show well, Prophage could get early approval from the FDA. At the very least, a good showing for AGEN will raise the bar for IMUC and NWBO. Most of my money is on IMUC, because I like the way Wu constructed the drug. I believe it will be more effective and will cost much less to manufacture.

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