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  • deanofstocks deanofstocks Sep 26, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Dr. Singh's Merger Complete

    Let's look at the facts: Since Dr. Singh resigned, IMUC has had no value added, in fact, IMUC has lost value! For a company that's near Ph2 results, IMUC should be a $5-$7 stock.

    When Dr. Singh was at IMUC, market cap went from $5m - $200m. GNBPD reversed with 15m shares at $4. Market cap is $60 million.

    I am buying into Dr. Singh, his industry contacts, and his ability to add value. IMUC management does not care about shareholders. Gengos is nothing more than a puppet that Dr. Yu can control.

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    • His new company has one heck of a drug. Check out the news's not really news, but more analysis from an older study. The only concern right now is that they did the reverse split is the shorts can attack this one because of low volume and they will have to raise some capital. BUT, there is only 15.5 million shares out, so if they can work something out with financing this should be a good play. Do your own DD, technology is great, Singh is great= wonderful things to happen.
      This guy didn't just leave a great company like IMUC for nothing. He is going to grow this $85 million company into a multi-billion dollar company. Mark this post.

    • It's not that simple. Singh was the Master at PR and timing. At a place where the co. needed capital, he stressed "shareholder value" timed the SA pr perfectly. Most importantly, he stated an intention of selling the co. if he received a good offer. This helped keep shareholders in the game right after impressive PI #'s and the coming doldrums of recruitment and initiation of PII. I don't know how much control Yu had over the board at the time but clearly, he had no intention of selling the company - ever.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I've owned IMUC for several years, and I must admit that I am not happy with Gengos or the board. I think they ran Dr. Singh out of the company (although we have never received any such clarification).

      IMUC has become dead money and it is very frustrating to watch the market trade higher, biotechs with no human data raise $50-$100 million in IPOs, and other clinical biotechs double on a yearly basis. With the data that ICT-107 has produced, IMUC should be a $500m company, but it is not. IMUC's poor performance comes down to marketing, and I don't think their board or leadership knows the first think about marketing a biotech.

      While I don't necessarily like the nature of your post, I can't help but to agree. I am an angry long, and I am selling half of my IMUC position to invest in GNBPD. Dr. Singh more than doubled my money before, and I think he'll do it again.

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