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  • nickdidomenico nickdidomenico Nov 8, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Not looking too good. odds are 107 is a dud.

    the pps reflects this opinion

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    • Nick, you know this is ridiculous circuitous logic. Based on your premise, no profit potential would ever exist in any stock ever because if any stock was going to be decent, it would have already reached its profit potential. If that was true, what would be the point in investing at all?

    • please understand how short investment works. they wait until just AFTER numbers and news announcement on a stock like this, no revenue, more time to pass for any significant news, low price per share, low outstanding shares. The big risk for short seller on this stock is big news, but all news was released with quarterly numbers release, so the risk of a short sell is minimized to practically nothing. This ALWAYS HAPPENS at or just after quarterly numbers release with this kind of stock. Shorts get their money now, not a bad idea. Longs get their money IF, IF 107 is a breakthrough which I believe it is. If we get to April 2014 without any news, then it is a breakthrough. Everyone seems to think the 64th event will happen before that date and even so, it could still be, as I believe, a real breakthrough for GBM patients. GLTA

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      • I wonder about this theory that longer it takes for 64 events, better for ICT107. With due apologies to patients in the control arm, if 64 events did not occur in a certain time period, doent it mean the standard care is so good that these patients are living longer than the median of 18 months? So there is an optimum time that 64 events have to occur for the trial to succeed (again my apologies to the brave and unselfish patients in control arm).

    • So are you saying the short sellers know the results of the double blind study? Or are they just betting against the odds. If you go back to July you will notice that we had the exact same kind of comments from the shorts and the price was sub $2 and a month later we were over $3.20.....I suspect history will repeat itself but will continue to rise.

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