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  • Garraund Garraund Sep 17, 1999 10:40 AM Flag


    More strength showing here without news or media
    hype. It will take time for the story about video
    conferencing to get out, in the meanwhile, slow steady rises
    like this will give us a solid chart, and when big
    news IS released, the analysts will have to take
    notice. If we can climb to the 15 level, expect renewed
    attention on fvcx. Hopefully it will be a slow steady climb
    as shorts relinquish their positions, and strong
    hands buy in.

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    • FVCX will be presenting their suite of video
      conferencing products for Bell Atlantic customers in

      i have been invited to a session (I think there are
      8 -10 sessions planned) the last week in

      I believe Bell has deployed half a dozen ATM
      switches at key COs throughout the state and they have an
      agressive tariff to encourage use of high speed services to
      schools and libraries.

      I will keep the board

    • CMP Media Inc.

      Wait and See
      Sep. 17,
      1999 (LTH - CMP via COMTEX) -- Insisting that the
      long-predicted demand for business video applications is about
      to finally explode, a remade technology company is
      targeting a novel delivery concept to service providers.
      FVC.COM (Santa Clara, Calif.) last week began touting its
      Broadband Video Services platform, claiming to have tests
      under way with several major carriers. Indeed, Qwest
      Communications International Inc. (Denver) demonstrated the
      service in its booth at the Networld+Interop in Atlanta.
      FVC.COM, which began life under a different name as an
      asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) local-area network
      (LAN)-based video technology company in 1983, is starting
      fresh with a system that it says will let service
      providers deliver real-time, interactive, on-demand video


      Copyright 1999 CMP Media

      News story provided by COMTEX

    • Check out these two messages(articles) on Yahoo!'s QWST board:
      MSG # 44415 & #44402

    • I bought PUMA at 9 3/8 two weeks ago and it drop
      back to 7 5/8 onthe day and went back to 8 1/2 then I
      placed an order to sell at the market lost $1,000. The
      next two days it went to 15 with no news. I learn my
      lesson. I think FVCX has a great future. I see 30 level
      is possible.

    • What a great way to end this week! A lot of the
      stock that was in "weak hands" was sold off at a profit
      and the stock rebounded beautifully on Friday!!
      Hopefully those that haven't sold will continue to hold on
      and reap even greater profit in the near

      GO FVCX!!!


      With operations in the United States, Canada, the
      United Kingdom, continental Europe, Australia and Hong
      Kong, ACT has grown into one of the leading
      multinational providers of global teleconferencing products and
      services in a rapidly growing $8 billion-plus industry.
      The Company's headquarters and U.S. operations are
      located in Denver, Colo., with additional offices in New
      York, Dallas, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Paris, Brussels,
      Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Sydney and Adelaide, Australia, and
      Hong Kong. The Company's Internet address is

    • ACTT maintains centers and has a GTE

      FVCX can maintain virtual centers (portals) and let
      the machines do the work and cyberspace replace the
      buildings saving the dollars creating a better solution.

      Jopemish thanks for the report.

    • If I understand it right, telcos can either BUY
      the operation centers or "lease" them. My guess is
      that, for any telco not wanting to take much upfront
      risks in investing in expensive equipments,
      offers them an option to prove it to themself. If I were, I will price my "service" so expensive that
      telcos will be better off buying the operation centers
      and operate them themselves(lease to buy). Just my
      speculations. Either way, if the vedio operation centers/vedio
      portals performs well, will need a lot of working
      capitals to build these equipments. QWST has the
      bargaining power now to take a position with,
      especially if QWST believe's technology will fly.

    • and not large organizations. There are many of us
      who want this video capability among friends and
      small businesses. We would buy that service through our
      ISPs I would think.

      By the way... a new
      support level of 13????? or just triple witching????

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