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Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bear 3X ETF Message Board

  • giovanni8844_2 giovanni8844_2 Mar 5, 2013 5:41 AM Flag

    Wake Up People!! Stay Long DUST!!!!


    Haven't you figured it out yet? Both NUGT and DUST are highly leveraged to ABX. As ABX continues to crash, NUGT will fall further and DUST will approach 100.

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    • I agree, DUST should rise going forward.

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    • jabergmann66 Mar 10, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

      Where do you get that information! I have not figured it out yet! I have looked high and low for the position reports for either of these funds holdings. You say ABX! Where is that written? I have read all the prosp. and nothing there! Stocks? What stocks and how much, What vehicles are in the funds? IN SHORT KNOWBODY KNOWS! That is a tough why to invest! BLIND!!!!!! I bought 1k of DUST because of a LARGE drop in one day and covering 3 gaps in past trading. Average price was $55, sold at $58+ in three days. Associates also bough 4k same positions, becaus we knew? NO! Bet on GREED and a BOUNCE. Fundamentals HOGWASH! Charts to some degreel LUCK and human nature is the makor factor. When I can have somebody point out where I can DAILY know that the underlying positions in these ETF's that's what you NEED playi with. Otherwise! CRAPS! Go to vegas and get better odds.

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    • jabergmann66 Mar 8, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

      Bought three days ago accum.DUST 5K avg. 55 + sold this am at 58 1/4 to 58 1/2. The markets are dangerous!

      Like APPL looking at but when to pull the trigger? Still favor GOLD LOWER SHORT TERM BOUNCE. Last time from high 40's to 60+, DUST . Just watch the charts. Don't want to go HEAVY into the weekend. buy point 49 to 53 DUST. Sell above 60+ when availoable? Big sell offs buy if in range. To many skidish players at this time. Good and Bad?? Current position is CASH!

      Good Luck to all!

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      • I'm heavy invested in this one , got burn in Nugt last few weeks . but you gotta see the charts in this one has been climing since last 5 months. last Q3 and the fiscal cliff scare should have given a strong push, but the highs were low and the lows were lower than expected. in order for gold to go higher than before it should periodically receive boost. and each boost should give it a stronger push than the previous one. which didn't happen ...Good Luck to you..

    • I've been watching your post in Im Agree with you , I'm all in.. any idea?? when we get the Holly $100

    • jabergmann66 Mar 6, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

      I have started to buy today at $56.90 (filled) and additional shares at $54.30. Reasoning is charts look at the gaps to fill on the downside! 3/5/13 at $59.10 to 61.77, 3/4/13 gap at $57.44 to 56.60 and finally 3/1/13 at $54.31 to 55.18. I am bearish on gold and silver, see Goldman prediction on Gold to $1200, others at $1400, Silver to $19-20 range. production costs rising, management questionable, dilution most silver and gold stocks see article by Alpha today. Two of the gaps have been filled, expect the last may be filled as well. Breaks $52 range gone! Interesting play on metals. Have a nice day! The Old Man (been doing this for 50+ years) Happy Easter to ALL as well!

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    • Horrible advice so far today....

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