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  • spiker53 Apr 10, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

    Cara Media

    If the gold rally was strong, price would have moved higher, volume would have been higher during the rally and the risk ratio chart would have been Risk ON. None of those things occurred, so gold bulls need to be very careful here.

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    • Agree.....Bulls need only look at a short term chart to see relevant short term technicals.....Fundamentally however, U.S. national debt is enormous....and the last time I checked......still growing......Gold could pull back some here....How much is anybody's guess.....but as long as the public national debt continues to grow at the pace it has been growing over the last 14 years, the yellow is eventually heading higher.....imo....

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      • Have a great Easter Brian, I think I am finally thru with trading and the stock market

        I have a gamblers mentality and although trading 3x ETFs been very good to me, my ex girlfriend reminded me of the flaw I have of never being satisfied that leads me into not living the life I could

        so I am quitting - but wanted to end on a high note - not like Bret Farve and ending his football career going out on a loosing string of losses and ended on an injury

        so I made one more winning trade for $7,000 that made up for most of me selling on the wrong price mistake cost of $8,000 - I mean $1,000 loss out of $1.428 million is nothing to dwell over - so I end up on a high note with one last winning trade. No one believes I can leave it for good ( I was tempted with UGAZ/DGAZ and TZA/TNA and Yang/Yinn again but decided to stay out and life is so much more stress free and easy each day

        good luck to you Brian - hope I can stick to my plan to stay away from the markets and see how the rest of my life goes without my morning trade before I go to work and researching every night for my next trade

      • Gold will begin its trend up after it hits bottom, which is much lower than where we are at now. GDX failed yesterday in a bad way. DUST will see 26-27 next week. We probably wont see a currency reset for another 10 years, so look to see Gold being suppressed until we get closer to that point, if we get there at all. Gold compared to platinum has less value. I would consider investing there as Platinum will be sought after more when the currency really does collapse.

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