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    • heres why your an idiot....

      you dont realize that there is a provision with the majority stake holders in this firm (48% of shares outstanding) that they can't simply just dump the shares. Do the research anyone who didn't already know this.

      Furthermore, if you read the most recent financial statements you will see how respected the doctors involved with this company are... all who own 2.5 Million shares each. These doctors are not traders and are certainly not looking to "pump and dump" ... the definition of pump and dump on investopedia is "A scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock through recommendations based on false, misleading or greatly exaggerated statements"

      So is MJNA doing this??? ...The companies policy is to ONLY talk about thing that are happening currently or have already happened. They DO NOT make ANY sales projections or talk about any future figures that would boost the stock price which clearly represents a conservative strategy. All there statements are true... just read there financial statements, read testimonials, see that they just won a championship for best product or go buy the product yourself.

      If they truly were trying to "pump and dump" wouldn't management NOT have the provision in place to stop the dumping of shares or wouldn't they make ridiculous sales projections?

      Ahhhh...This is the benefits of being informed... you never have to worry about these fools.


      Compare the numbers below.

      1. Company Stock Symbol
      2. Total Income or Revenue
      3. Net Income or (Loss)

      1. MJNA
      2. $2,403,624
      3. $1,471,596

      1. HEMP
      2. $86,799
      3. ($383,223)

      1. CBIS
      2. $7,471
      3. ($4,494,861)

      Disclaimer: These are the numbers I obtained from each companies 2012 second quarter report. Please verify the numbers for yourself. I make no guarantee or claim for the accuracy of the numbers.

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