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  • wITH THE FISSSSSSSSSSSSSSCAL CLIFF COMING I THINK everyone should lite a blunt and stop worrying about so much wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwissssssssssssssss ahhhhhh cough mjna strong buy

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    • It’s no joke. I don't mean to scare people but It is scary times we are living in. It could crash the market like it did in 1929. The difference now would be the crash would make the great depression that followed the 1929 crash look like prosperous times. Pensions could evaporate overnight or within one hour. Companies would have only cash and nothing else. All investments could just evaporate – Enron across the board. Imagine every single stock falling to less than a penny. Within 5 days there would not be any food in any grocery store in The United States Of America. It’s no joke and most American’s are clueless. They think they’ve been experiencing hard times when they don’t have a clue what hard times are. Some do - but most don’t. They have been living in the land of plenty, milk and honey on every corner all their lives and what could happen and become reality is beyond their realm of imagination.

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