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  • frankyfigures frankyfigures Feb 8, 2013 3:05 AM Flag

    Any one with knowledge please give me inlighten me on mwip and phot

    Are they buys and were do you think they will go

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    • Here are some of my thought for you...........

      MWIP = The say financial backing/ swipe techonology of the sector. They deal with transactions mainly, but do have payment center kiosk type things. I personally think that their medical record cards have the abilitty to get a push not just with related"mjna" but also the regular medical sector its self. So in essence they play an important role in the underlying ground work as for the more growth in the field the cards/payment transactions/kiosks/whatever else they might bring to the field. If they can say capitalize on the interest that is involved with loans/debt and really push the ecommerence(forgive the spelling didn't have the page close) they will win. But only Time Will tell. With financials mwip is much more in debt I believe with year over year(maybe it was q over q) revenue was on a big decline! About average share outstanding for the sector but is up an outstanding 4,500%+ from summer lows...........Only second to Medibox so think on that! I'd Say MWIP=HOLD to Sell! As for me I sold mine 15% up the other day and was able to pump it into pink:mjna at .275 I felt lucky :)!

      As far as Phot goes though..............

      PHOT= In essence is the supplier of everything needed to grow mjna........not just any mjna but high quality indoor mjna. The exact type that is gonna see the most money influx because if people are choosing to smoke in the traditional sense they will be in search for the highest grade possible! Which means shops, dispensary's, and the every day person in Colorado and Washington will be using mass amounts of products just like what PHOT has to offer. So how I see it if full state legalization were to happen it might cut into profits of companies producing products but increase business of everything needed to produce mjna. Though monetary figures coming from PHOT are wayy stronger. With a year over year increase of roughly 4.5mil in sales and a very good increase quarter over quarter as well. Expecting this one to be even better since q4 was after elections :) Hoping anyways with 20+ of this bad boy layered in about at .065! As far as numbers and figures year over year and q over q PHOT is the closest in increases comparable to pink:mjna in my opinion anyways! Also the stock is floating around pretty low grounds compared with mwip being in 52w high territory. Phot is roughly 450% off its summer low a tenth of mwip with slightly less shares outstanding. If sales are what I think this will be .20+ quick..........PHOT=BUY! I'm holding!

      These are just my personal thoughts and opinions of the related and could be slightly off. I'm trying to figure out this sector and have done daily DD, and will continue to study! As for now that is what I have to share......Hope this is helpful!

      Ps: Pink:MJNA= Screaming Buy!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I'd put that since this is a pink:mjna board after all!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • mwip looks like it should be a buy, it continually goes up and is getting its POS machines in at a ton of locations

      Phot is mostly into lighting that is used for growing and most MJ farmers will choose to grow inside as the crop quality is better and they can harvest twice per year instead of one, plus you don't have to worry about theft as much. This stock is too young to tell its direction yet, but it has turned up of late.

      ERBB is also a stock you should watch, it supplies refid chips which will be required upon ever MJ plant as well as tracking where shipments end up. Problem with this stock is it lacks volume.

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