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  • silverhorseshoe269 silverhorseshoe269 Feb 8, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    Can someone explain today and SA article? I dont seee pps swing?

    I wasnt around to follow todays activities but it appears someone within SA made some bs comment about MJNA's financial results? Am I correct? Why is everyone in such a tizzy? I dont see any radical swings in PPS today (charts)? I'm Long on MJNA and I believe in them, so whats so radical that happened today other than some editor lying his #$%$ off? I can see where you may have not bought shares or whatnot, but its not like it moved from .40 to .10 and back to .34?? I definitely dont agree with a bad article being written, but I believe in MJNA! Any input? Did I miss something? Thanks!

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    • We will be filing a class action lawsuit, we have already sent compaints to the FTC. We are taking action, if you were involved I suggest getting a butt plug before going to prison.

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      • Dont listen to this guy here. He is full of hot air. Mad about either selling what he he had and taking a loss in the high 30's or something. And now he's mad because he probably is not gonna be able to get as many shares as he had today because hes gonna have to buy alot higher Monday. Totally funny. He listened to opinionated articles and based his trading strategy of that instead of holding steadfast to the facts. He's just one of the many losers you are gonna see crying on here every now and then that tried to trade this beast that waits for no trader.

      • "If you were invloved"...what? I'm LONG MJNA check my posts for the last 10 days! Looks to me like MJNA posted their audited financials...look at their website under Investor Relations. If this a-tard form Seeking Alpha lied, go after him, but dont you guys have any faith in the company? Christ look at all the BS that was written about Apple in the last 6 months! I just dont see that his article moved this stock significantly today???

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