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  • seanmarino seanmarino Feb 17, 2013 1:41 AM Flag

    Still Long...

    First of all... Let us all take a step back from all of the recent articles and think about the bigger picture as to what is going on in the United States (and the rest of the world). Regardless of any company trading on the stock market it is hard to ignore the fact that hemp and the marijuana industry is something that is unavoidable in the political atmosphere. You can't avoid it; it is here and it is now. Not a day goes by that I don't hear about another positive development for this god given plant. You can't avoid it; it is knocking on your door and setting up shop in a state near you. As the newspapers show up on your doorsteps it is just a matter of time that these same newspapers are produced on hemp paper and you would have wished that you would have bought the stock that created that paper.
    We can all read articles about companies involved in this new industry and don't get me wrong, many of them may be suspect and downright fraudulent; many of them may be 'criminals' trying to make a buck; but in all honesty.... Who isn't trying to make a buck now a day???
    When alcohol was illegal, many nefarious individuals were involved with the dissemination of it, but now a day we don't even think twice of these people. We must remember that the tides are changing and that this is just the dust blowing in before the larger storm. We must ask ourselves, if alcohol was still illegal and we know what we know today, would we invest in it 70 some years ago? (Of course you would, don't freaking lie... you would do anything you could to invest and buy as much as possible)
    That leads me to why I am long.... I have been in since .10. I am not going to lie, I sold half of my shares at .20 and now I am riding freebies. Many times I have told myself that I wished it would pull back so I could buy more shares and I have found myself grabbing some more during the recent days. I am still riding freebies, but I am flipping the shares that I sold off. Stories from Seeking Alpha help with this. I like to think about fast forwarding 20 years and asking myself about marijuana… It will be legal throughout the country and chances are big tobacco will have taken over. That is FINE!!! They will have acquired my shares of MJNA.
    Think about it…. What other industries are at the pinnacle of inception in the United States today? What other industries have the potential of making billions of dollars? Marijuana is the industry that is going to take off. What would you do (SA) to get in at a lower price? It is all good.
    Congrats to all of us longs and I hope to see you all in the future.

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