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  • bradjul0805 bradjul0805 Feb 21, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    New SA article out is actually pretty good

    read through it today, some negatives but positives and main thing is it sounds well researched and objective...and thats with the guy saying he may short some weed stocks soon, but his article sounds much more educated at least...

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    • Yeah I read it. I thought it was very thorough. I would say he is an excellent writer but the article is so long and grammatically correct I believe it was probably a team effort on the part of S/A to get it right about MJ stocks. I mean really there is so much material in the article how could one person do so much research and compile it all that way without going totally insane. The article had some good - some mud but you know what - It does not matter what company in this world you want to put under a microscope - go ahead pick one any one - do an analysis as in depth and you will find way more mud than this guy found on MJNA. Really there is no such thing as a perfect company or person. You can look at any company's books, nit pik, and find things that range from not right to down right criminal - any company - no exceptions but you have to dig and find it. They are not going to just hand it out there to you. In fact they will try very hard to hide it. Bottom line with MJNA - They are the real deal. This is an emerging industry and this is the ground floor right here, right now. ccbuilder66 - yes it does sound that way. If they want to save grace they will because our next run will break .75 or 1.00

    • sorry ladies & germs mjna does meet SEC regulations to be sold short nor do any of em .That being said just another bozo reporting in error...however article had its merits, before you read and believe this stuff.....CHECK THE SOURCE who are these people??? OH i know two greek letters ergo.....

    • You just got the douchbag who wrote that article a pay per click. I will not support that trash by even acknowledging it.

    • Call me crazy but the SA article "Weeding through" sounded like possibly they were going to reverse course in the near future. I dont believe any of their BS but you have to admit they can turn a stock in their favor. Is it possible the short position is getting tired and if they ease up and start pumping it will start to trend up. Remember its a cycle. Kinda sick like pinching a baby to make him cry and then picking him up and cudlling him for comfort. Just sayin

    • I agree with this. If you want an unadorned, rational look at the current risks in this sector - as opposed to the penny-ante shift workers who mob this site with tripe every day - read this article. His bottom line is that while more clarification needs to be forthcoming from this company, there's currently no more room for a profitable short. As a committed long, I recommend you make it a point to read this.

    • When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

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