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  • viccsuave viccsuave Mar 6, 2013 12:27 AM Flag

    Whats the big news tomorrow?

    Read little bit about news tomorrow 930am or so? Anyone care to share?

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    • Obama wants a grand slam for the history books.
      1 Same sex marriage.
      2. Gays in military can now die for country.
      3. First black man to be President. "TWICE".
      4. Legalize weeed.
      History books are really going to be rewritten and E. Holder will facilitate.

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    • Of course, the justice department can
      1 .Punt (by saying something like we will give it further study)
      2 Tthey can throw a long pass TD pass, saying the Feds wont prosecute mjna, they will leave it up to the states
      3. Fumble the ball and state that anyone smoking pot in Colorado or Washington will be prosecuted.
      4. Some combination of the above, along with running the ball (announce a complete decriminilization).

    • I think, it will be on the supportive side.

    • if good news just hold your shares
      if bad news buy more.

    • The Department of Justice will be issues their statement to the legalization of marijuana in Washington & Colorado. They can say 1 of 3 things. 1) they will not go after these states and let it play out. 2) they sue the states based on clarification of the laws. Basically the only legal way to stop marijuana legalization in its tracks. 30 they say that they are going to come after Washington and Colorado and lock up ever user.

      To me they only have 2 options because #3 would waste way to much money and it would be all over the news. Thus, informing the american people even further that the war on drugs is a waste of tax payer dollars.

      With all the political turmoil going on right now I would be surprised if they just let Washington & Colorado experiment with legal marijuana. Every state is dying for added revenue and congress will not allow another tax increase, so maybe the government wants to see actually how much money states can generate from legal marijuana.

      This is merely my opinion, I guess we will find out where the government stand on this issue tomorrow

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      • 1 Reply to mkebaseball
      • News Flash for March 6th :

        1)MJNA takes a bigger than average temporary dip. Posters who always are negative toward the stock/company use the opportunity to announce the sky is falling, abandon ship, and other such nonsense as false accusations. The attempt is motivated by their desire to keep some people from buying and others impulsively sell.

        2)Wise Longs see the opportunity to lower their pps and/or acquire more stock at bargain prices. Those with weak hands who acted on emotion rather than goals form the genesis of regret within themselves.

        3)Those that bash MJNA continue to wonder why and how the stock rebounded so quickly as new investors who know the meaning of HOLD tightly buy in.

        That should be on the front of the NY Times financial section :D

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