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  • mjnamedi mjnamedi Mar 8, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    Just Started Loading Up

    Heavily buying it here at .27-.275.

    I was reading that Tripp is Speaking in New York Next week. I figure that with all the questions, and concerns people are having hes going to stay something positive. The question is what will he say? I was reading the press release and it says they are going to announce major news with that hemp line.... it was in the last release not counting the Media Coverage one. But even if they don't he will most likely be speaking about the company and its expansion opportunities in new states. This is reassure current investor this is a real company with real products and real individuals working hard everyday.

    Stock is a buy.... PS for all the rookies the stocks movement might not make sense to you I understand. But in my humble opinion it has dont this before... its an accumulation pattern. The stock is somewhat manipulated to get the weak hands to sell into the bids. What you want to see is stabilization above .25 preferably above .275 and hopefully news there after to bring it back into the .30s and .40s.

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    • bump.... everyone who didnt read this.... look at the horrible arguments the bashers make.... they never have substance. Have a great weekend and sleep well

    • What a crock of bologna, The stock is be manipulated so the insiders can sell their shares to suckers without causing a panic. And of course Tripp, Stuey and the boys are always talking about the gold of pot at the end of the rainbow. That is how a PUMP works, tomorrow will be filled with growth, hemp, and a rocking stock price. Unfortunately for bagholders tomorrow never comes

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      • Bro .... are you actually kidding me..... are you just upset you missed the boat.... I got soooo rich of this stock LOL

        according to your info.... they have only recently been pumping and therefore nobody will get rich because its a pump and dump..
        OK everyone think about this..... Tripp has been in this guys words "pumping the stock" alll the way from 5 cents. Guys been on 60 Minutes and everything. so what buddy is saying is people like me dont exist. people never bought the stock before and got rich from it ripping higher...... "tomorrow never comes"

        ONE MORE TIME LADIES AND GENTS...... THESE ARGUMENT ARE JOKES!!!! they mean nothing.... hold your shares... add to positions.... the next run up is coming.

        Im in colorado for F sakes.... this thing is legit ... trust me ;) PS im in the four seasons downtown denver thanks to MJNAs run up from 5-50 cents :)

        Here doing DD because of all negative info and have determined this is 100% legit. Ive toured dispensaries Dixie is in everyone or they are just sold out. Trust me its legit.

    • Tripp is speaking in Boston next weekend as well, big Cannabiz Symposium...he is going to be meeting with a bunch of investors/entrepreneurs in the Massachusetts/Islands area...growing the biz.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • zombama Mar 8, 2013 2:46 PM Flag


      You're not supposed to drink the bong water.

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