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  • dlturner dlturner Mar 10, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    Be careful

    I'm out of this stock -- been out since I sold at .44 -- I bought in when all the hype began at .13. My only advice is to be very, very careful with these types of stocks. The are extremely speculative and no one knows where the bottom is. My guess it is closer to the .12 - .15 base that occurred a month or so ago. How would it feel to lose 50% on your investment from here? It's like catching a falling knife -- no one knows where the bottom will end up. This stock has no real earnings to provide a floor for the stock. All I'm saying is, don't listen to all the hype from thos like Dr Stephens and Stack and others -- they're speculators who would be on either side at any given time. Good luck all -- as for me, the best place right now is on the sidelines until a base/bottom is evident!

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    • THANKS MR. HELPER! However, you love it so much, you can't stop looking at it! No go get your shine box!

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    • do appreciate your comment and believe it is well intended..glad you were able to profit, however these guys are in it for the long haul as is evident by their posts...they don't banter for the sake of it..the base/bottom as you call it is the voice of the people...yeah it is a politicall football for now, but new legislation coming thru everyday..the money will follow..glta!!!!! Cat

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    • IMO this is the bottom and I am buying more on Monday morning. Do your own DD

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    • #$%$.K. off BABY BOOMER! Nice #$%$ advice!

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    • Review my posts from the start and you will see that I am NOT "on either side at any given time". I have been and continue to be Strongly pro MJNA, in support of Dixie, consider the stock a STRONG buy, and have not sold a single share!.

      What I see is a person here who sold out, made a quick profit, but now sees the potential for it to skyrocket and you want back in. It's not worth selling your soul, bashing a stock, to want to buy in. Anyone who reads your post can see it isn't altruism like you want to portray, looking out for us. What you are saying is you want to buy back in and cheaply, and willingly to do anything to do so like slander others. No other reason for you to be here in this forum now is there.

      we recommend you go ahead and buy some stock. We have seen it do wonders for those that sold out too early and want back in. Once the buy they do real research and start being reasonable about the stock and to others rather than bashing. I think owning the stock may help you.

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    • Yawning and laughing here. No facts, just opinion. What did they buy kannalife with last week for 1.5 million dollars? Why would kannalife agree to sell to MJNA for 1.5 mil if it was a scam? The owners of kannalife just sold their business for nothing ? Oh rite, Kannalife's legal team is in on the scheme also and let them give their business away for nothing to really really smart thieves. Maybe they gave them 1.5 mil in truffels. I would've took that deal for sure.

      The whitey you hate to luv

    • So for the record their is 2 bashers her today. Neither own the stock by own admission or have facts or links to hit us with to back themselves up. Just infantile opinions. Ask yourselves this, what is their motivation to be here on a sunday and all weekend if you don't even own it? I rest my case your honor.

      The whitey you hate to luv

    • Thank you for your concern. Now why don't you go funky yourself And go buy some lube for your short position!

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    • You don't have to worry about other people money. If you bought at.13, I believe you already sold at .15 :--)))

    • When fell to 18 and change you did not buy then? Was very recent. I missed as was there for only a few minutes but did get some more at 20/change. I feel you are full of #$%$.

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