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  • drsteven51 drsteven51 Mar 14, 2013 11:36 PM Flag

    Similar pattern seen tomorrow for MJNA :)

    Hold tight!
    And buy if you can!

    Not much of a sell off tomorrow expected as people hold tight to there shares knowing the future is bright.

    HOLD and/or BUY!

    Stocks sold tomorrow hopefully go to those who see the value of being long rather than banking on a roller coaster of pennies as those that bash often do.

    The conference, media releases, news, sales reports, and other events between now and next week is getting this thing ready to go up up up up.

    Case in point:
    Bashers reaction to low price, steady price, and price going up:

    1)People that bash when it is down say; "see I told you sell now before you lose more!" (they want your shares)

    2)When the stock is up they say; "it is going to crash and you will be holding the baggie, sell don't buy!"

    3)When the stock is stable and going sideways the bashers say; "look no volume, it is going to crash, sell your shares!

    The REAL truth is the common denominator; THEY WANT YOU TO SELL AND DRIVE THE PRICE DOWN FOR THEM!

    They are trying to work your emotions, getting you to be impulsive, sell based on fear, all the while they mehtodically approach this thing (acting on what they know but without morals or care for others).

    The key to being long and making money is to do as the bashers do except with morals. No not lie, manipulate, and steal. The point is to act on your intellect like they are. Except even better than the bashers, keep your morals about you by not slandering or creating fear where there should be none.

    MJNA/DIXIE is a strong company with phenomenal growth. They have asked and went through an audit that was not required. The company is thriving and expanding. Major media is on our side, voters are speaking out, legislators are introducing bills, corporations are hopping on the green rush, and the time is to jump on this moving train ! The stock deserves good people, those that will not slander others, to own it!

    Strong BUY, HOLDING tight, we are happy shareholders and customers. :)

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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