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  • viccsuave viccsuave Mar 18, 2013 9:52 PM Flag

    Is the ride over?

    What do you guys think? Im long but why would sides dump 2mil in stock if she knew that there was a chance of this stock doubling in a month ?

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    • the only thing long in your world is your butt-plug. Effin fake - you're just a basher spreading lies and rumors.......IGNORED.

    • she should have sold at .50 if she wanted more money. insiders in every company sell, but this stock i under a micoscope. The bears need fuel. If cheaper shares come, then I'll buy more.

    • Actually viccsuave I have good news. Ya I had the same concerns as U and it was eating away at me. I think this is why the stock is down & its buming people out. Actually this rumor is NOT TRUE! Ya NOT TRUE. The truth is that she just filed a form called 144 which is a removal of restriction if she decides to sell sometime in the future. But here is the good news she is restricted from selling all at once if she decides to sell. She is bound to only be able to sell in small amounts. And here is the really GOOD news which relieved me and should others - she has NEVER - I repeat - she has NEVER sold a single share in the last 2 years! I confirmed this myself. So vicsuave please no more worries about this OK. I know just how U are feeling because I felt the same. But the truth is this is just a RUMOR started by the bashers as misinformation. Phew is how I felt when I heard the news. It is just a RUMOR by the bashers to trick everyone. Hope this gives U peace of mind as it did me. Cheers :)

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    • who says she is selling any shares at all? prove it.

    • I just say this because im a little concerned with this stock, on one side they show very positive news and great exposure in the media, the product looks great and this looks to be a green rush. However, there is also a lot of negative..llamas, tripp not being the ceo just an advisor,sides sell of 2 mil in shares. I have been in the penny game for a while and i have seen a lot of companies with "potential" put out a lot of fake news out and it turns out theyre a pump n dump.

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    • The only ride thats over is the short ride and the cheap share ride. Who knows and who cares if this is a double in a month, Its gonna be a much more than a double in time.

    • You mean after meeting Q1 expectation....agree not a bullish sign. The best case, it was a desperate personal move out of financial necessity.


    • MJNA keeps astounding the investors, from nothing to 50c and now holding 30c zone despite a savage and false attack on the company by the usual band of paid bashers.

      MJNA has kept about its business and looks like it is consolidating in here and may stage another run, to where it is hard to say yet but it looks to me like 60c to $1.20, I will take a closer look after the next few days of bumpy Wall St trading.

      Shorts remain in a desperate situation on this one, so expect continued bashing on so called message boards.

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      • Ya chastah I agree with U. Stock looks good for another run it is just a matter of time. IMO at the latest we will have a run up in about 4-6 weeks which is when we expect Q1 to come out. This was a question that I was searching for yesterday because I knew that next earning will be great as does everyone else. Everyone is expecting great numbers as they did in February so history will repeat itself and we will see the stock pump up 2 weeks before people think earnings will come out. Investor relations guesses that we will have some numbers in about 45 days after the end of this month. Nobody knows for sure yet but that's in 4-6 weeks. So IMO we may see the stock be low in the meantime unless some good news comes out or some big investors jump in. But IMO this baby is going to pop. I am tempted to sell some shares and get in on SKTO but I made this mistake before and I don't want to be caught with my pants down this time. Because when this baby starts to move U better jump all in before the train leaves the station and its too late. :)

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    • The shares for sale are only a fraction of her total holdings. She will make plenty as the stock moves up again, not really a concern for her. I am hoping she uses the proceeds for a personal suit against that tool who wrote the slanderous article in SA. Using a mug shot and arrest record in the article which wasn't even her; shows how much "research" went into the article. She should make plenty off him/her to offset any missed stock appreciation anyway.


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