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  • humbleinvestor1970 humbleinvestor1970 Mar 22, 2013 10:04 AM Flag

    Why won't Obama legalize marijuana?

    Whitehouse site sounds like that are against it?

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    • Medical, Holder may let that happen at anytime, as far as recreational use, not before the 2014 elections, the Dems cant take the chance of having the voting public turning against them.

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    • The president lacks authority to promulgate law or to cast it aside. He could by EO tell the federales that they should make it the absolutely lowest possible priority criminally in light of recent NULLIFICATION of federal law by several states, whether for medicinal or recreational use.

      As the NULLIFICATION wave intensifies, especially driven by the lust for more revenue, politician's power source, there will be more and more pressure for the federals to end their obviously losing position. Of course, those in the prison industry, law enforcement that makes ton$ on asset seizure, and the drug cartels themselves will be lobbying against such repeal. We've actually already seen evidence of this development.

      Like in Denver's case, if the people are made aware of their power, that is JURY NULLIFICATION specifically, so that local DAs cannot get convictions or even empanel "impartial" juries, the game is over.

      It's more than just theory, you see. The people wield the power, but they have to know about it and work together.

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      • Great answer!! This is their stance right has to be worded strongly..until they examine the overwhelming evidence that supports medicinal uses and get a feel for the climate, they have to take a strong stance..can't look weak on any issue..Feds you're talking about.. they will undoubtably ease up as the trend indicates...also true that the war on drugs created a huge industry that isn't about to go down without a opinion

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    • I don't think you're seeing the situation with him correctly. He has never said he is against it, and he has used it in the past. He absolutely did not buy into Reefer Madness. If he has any conflict about it, I would think it stems more from the fact that he worries like every other parent does about how to best shield his children. But the delay in making a decisive statement about pot is mainly about all the other stuff on his plate, and especially about timing.

    • he is to paranoid!!! lol

    • i don't see any proof that they have made a final decision/ruling- what's the reason for your post?

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