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  • drewcaryrose Mar 26, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Something to think about!!!

    Did anyone think of the patterns that exist in the MJ stocks..?? Typically when we get a decrease in MJNA all the other MJ stocks go down...!! What seems happen is someone starts posting about another Penny stock that is jumping in the MJ industry and there is a huge run up.. Then there is a huge fall..!! Example: FITX and SKTO.. I am not saying these aren't good investments but listen to the theory...!! When someone has a stock that isn't moving and many of those people hear of a new stock in the MJ sector and hear volume is good and its flying they decide to buy in... Then the stock crumbles making you sit on your dead money not allowing you to buy in the #1 MJ stock, MJNA...!! By not being able to free up money without taking a loss allows these groups of short bags to buy many more shares of MJNA not worrying about the frenzy as there competition is in many other inferior MJ stocks... This is what I call a cloud of smoke decoy..!!! It happen's multiple times during a MJNA decline..!!! Then by the time these short bags load up on stock MJNA takes off... Not allowing you to buy the shares at an ultra cheap price...Many of the other MJ stocks then fly following MJNA's lead.... What this does is create more people to spread out in the MJ field of stocks not focusing directly on the few solid MJ stocks out there...!! No other MJ company has the possibilities that MJNA has...!! There network and company handles almost every part of the MMJ field...!!! They are better positioned then any other MJ company and will continue to lead and innovate..!!! I used to hold many positions in many MJ stocks and stopped because I noticed this trend several runs ago..!! I decided to pick 4-5 stocks that I thought were the best in the field and really loaded up on 2-3 MJNA being my largest position in this field..!!! This is just my opinion and it is based on all the past patterns I have noticed..!! Something to think about..!!Good Luck to all Longs..!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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