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  • ronnyrimple ronnyrimple Apr 27, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Cannavest shares, cbd oil, reported revenue, and legal recourse

    Cannavest makes cbd oil. This seems like a commodity that is valuable and growing in demand as support for legalization and medical use of mj grow. If that is the case then cannavest should be making a profit and as demand grows so should their profit. If they prove themselves to be a profitable and growing company then their stock CANV should become valuable and traded with liquidity

    Alan brochsteins article claims that 4.5 million of the 5.1 million reported revenue in q4 was the now illiquid stock CANV. I do not know if that is accurate but the article appeared well researched and written. Although I believe that CANV has the potential to become profitable and their shares valuable if the q4 revenue was reported as he claimed in his article that looks damn shady from the outside.
    I am a novice investor. I am long mjna. I do not know the truth nor do I think anybody here or from SA knows the full truth. I love the idea of mjna and the diverse portfolio; however, if this company does turn out to be a scam what legal recourse is available to individual investors? I dont need my money back, but I would like to know that those involved that profited off of me and other individual investors are going to get whats coming to them. That being said i am long mjna unless they are proven without a doubt to be scamming people.

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    • epritch2 Apr 27, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

      All kinds of doubt being expressed on all the message boards by some long as well as words of encouragement from staunch defenders. I'm where you are. I'm long on this company and added a little more at .19 and plan to add more if the pps drops a few more pennies. I would like management to address these issues. Perhaps when the official report is released for Q1, fortunes will change. I've only been in since the first of the year, but I got in planning to hold for at least 5 yrs. That is still the plan, but now there's a caveat. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit emotionally drained by the last few weeks. Though I haven't read any SA article since the initial hit pieces, I know their articles have ripple effects on small caps OTCs like MJNA. No one wants to see the value of their holdings plunge like this, but 'buy low, sell lower' is just silly. I choose to hold as long as there is no without-a-doubt evidence of any wrong doing. MJNA says they care about their shareholders. I still believe them.

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    • Only trouble is real hemp oil makers are up and coming.
      It was on the Colorado news this morning that the first ever hemp field in over 50 years of 60 acres is being in this state...By Ryan Loflin who also is setting up an oil press at the farm to make the hemp oil.Even tho' hemp is still illegal under federal law.
      It is estimated he could make $375.00 per acre profit !....If he does have a profit other farmers will jump on it like a Chicken on a June Bug driving the price down on hemp oil till it has to be subsidized by the government to survive....Like Angora goats are with Mohair....

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      • Phytosphere systems grows in self contained and highly efficient state of the art facilities. This combined with superior technology and proprietary cultivation and extraction processes allows them to make a generically consistent product that yields the cleanest and highest quality pharmaceutical grade extracts and compounds on the market. CBD is used medicinally, there will be standards on its sale and mjna is making the highest standard. They do this internationally. They do this now.

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