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  • stack977 stack977 Apr 29, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    Tripp is a flukin punk!

    My message to him today on facebook.....
    Tripp, i'm sure your getting bombarded today from investors left and right... and boy is it deserved if it is happening. You made some big promises on the overgrow the radio show over 2 months ago and haven't done a dam thing to protect MJNA's investors, the company name, the management or share price.
    I bought into this company with my hard earned money because of you with all your videos, your personality and then it seemed you were a honest guy trying to really make a impact and build a legitimate company from the ground up in a untapped sector. Boy were we all wrong about you! Be a #$%$ man and do the rite thing as you said you would 2 months ago. Management should be ashamed of themselves at MJNA, i know your with dixie, but you are the face and voice of MJNA. You guys have allowed these bloggers to smear you in the #$%$ mud for 2 months now and continue to do nothing at all. That's the ripper here, you guys do nothing at #$%$ all!! Theyve called you crooks, scammers, liars, cooking books, highlighted many of your financial statements and ripped them apart now for months. Do you guys even give a #$%$ about your investors? MJNA? Your reputation as a honorable man to friends and family? You claim you've worked so hard to build this company to the level it was at and then you do absolutely nothing to protect it.
    Mjna management makes me sick! As well do you. All a man has is his word, and where i come from, philly pa, that holds as true as ever. I'm coming at you because you were the face and voice who promised a swift and firm response to the allegations months ago and you didn't do a #$%$ thing. It's pretty obvious the silent approach isn't working rite? So grow a set of balls and protect your reputation, your company you represent and last but not least, the shareholders. You guys sure release pr's on new stupid flavors and has-been rappers you sponsored etc almost daily.... but why no pr about your financials? No updates? Nothing to assure the street you aren't a scam, crooks, #$%$ and cooking the books with all your vague financials.... You guys had better do something or you will never bounce back....
    It's like a guy who was accused of rape and beats the case at trial and is found not guilty... People will always talk about him and look at him weird and avoid the guy forever rite? I would, this is comparable to what is going on with you guys, BASICALLY YOU ALL ARE CALLED CROOKS AKA THIEFS AKA RAPING YOUR INVESTORS. You all should be embarassed of yourselves, atleast tell shareholders on facebook to STAY TUNED, PR COMING ASAP IN RESPONSE TO ALL THE ACCUSATIONS... EVERYONE SLEEP WELL AT NIGHT, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT! Anything at all, #$%$ tripp? You can say anything you want in a response, call me anything you want, i won't hold it against you based on what i've said to you... Just be a #$%$ man and fight back! You didn't start the fight tripp, they brought it to you. Protect yourself ( MJNA) protect us (shareholders) How many times can you ( MJNA) be punched in the face and not fight back in self defense? Eventually your gonna get knocked out if you don't run, duck, or fight back. Even a child, dog, cat, mouse, etc. has that instinct to protect itself... What does it say about you guys

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    • When is a shareholder meeting? I garuntee i would grab the mic and rip management a new hole... just like when gekko did it to teldar paper ( i think it was)in the movie wallstreet... And if it came to it, i would just straight up disrespect them like they disrespect us shareholders... But much worse. The headline would read something like.... Man goes ape shy-t on crooks while laughing hysterically, faces several charges. Page 3a

    • Im sure he has received many messages like yours. To bad its really not mjna fault. They shouldnt have to be defending themselves so much from such poor, crooked bashers and Poor SA articles. He shouldnt have to protect a company with so much up side. If it wasnt for this one SA website/company and 5 guys, this stock would be closer to $1

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      • you're rite bkk, it isn't their fault, but when you get put in a corner like they are, the market cap is getting crushed, criminal accusations are being made against you, there is a time you are forced to do something to defend your job, company, self image, shareholders, your family name, etc... It is a crucial time in the sector to be making key acquisitions and locking things down as much as possible before other companies scoop them up. What is happening to their company deserves a legit, plain english response putting all acusations to rest. Financials, canavass, asset breakdown etc. once and for all for the record. Then they are bullet proof to all bashers and similar prs... period. Rite?

    • well_connected_and_well_off well_connected_and_well_off Apr 29, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

      You look like a F'n idiot.. Some nutjob on a rant who needs to get his emotions in check

      If you want to be taken serious, first act like an adult and second use spell check
      Please don't appoint yourself as a voice piece for the shareholders


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      • I'm not emotional, that's just me talking, not raising my voice at all. I'm just the type of guy who can say that to someone face to face or thru a email, and if it's face to face in a arguement of sorts... I'll say what i have to say and depeding on what the other guy says in return, i'll listen and respond verbally or i will knock him out the second i know he has bad intentions halfway thru his sentence. Based on your comment WELL CONNECTED... I wouldv'e stretched you out at about.... if you want to be taken seriously, first ac.... BOOM! nap time... PHILLY STYLE

      • lol, i represent me and only me... convey the message anyway you like but i suggest all should send emails, phone calls, facebook blasts to embarass management and force the issue of a response. Hey mr. well connected.... Your rite, i am a nut. I live by the code!

    • Wow, Stack - I don't know if this does any good, but I feel like printing it out and sticking it on my bathroom mirror. You sure said what all of us are thinking. I feel better just reading this.

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      • thx gene, thats how i do it! Yesterday dixie blocked me because i bashed them 3 times over the weekend on there. First they tried to send me the same audimated response they do to everyone, that's when i really crushed them and then they blocked me. Who cares rite, i don't. I tried to get a group on here yesterday to take it to their public forum there to embarass them and force the issue of a response, but none of these stoner kids would back me... quit sad actually.

    • Great post to Tripp. You should also send it to Stuart and tell him to forward it to Sides. Sounds similar to an email I sent earlier to Stuart and told him to pass it along to management. His reponse " I will pass it along". Right. The management reputation has become so questionable I think it is possible it has tainted the stock for good. I will not put another penny into MJNA until management proves that they care about their shareholder base and answer all the unanswered questions about financials and accuasations. I will not sell my remaining shares since they are as good as worthless now. No reducing my pps. I just dont care much bout MJNA and will just move on. Longs dont blame da bashers blame da management!!!

    • I also talked to stewart at investor relations, that is another post if i feel like it... seems pointless at this point.

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