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  • love_money_porsche love_money_porsche May 7, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    going down just because of seeking alpha? fail.

    After the story on seeking alpha mjna has been steadily going down. however people seem to forget that all stocks in this market sector are mostly purely speculative and should not be valuated like the story does. It's one of those classic bash it down stories.. first of all it's a penny stock in OTCMKTS and in an emerging market. OTC stocks don't have to post same kind of info about the company as nasdaq stocks for example, most of the info used on seeking aplha story was controversial imo and i find it strange how people have reacted to this like a herd of sheep. Now would be a good time to load up some more of this stock as this is one of the most promising stocks in this particular market. go long.

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    • Well said. Agree 100%

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    • If you think it's going down because of an SA article, you are mistaken. Yesterday the California Supreme court ruled that cities had the right to ban MJ dispensaries. Also yesterday, legislation was introduced in Colorado which would eliminate recreational sales of MJ. Yes, MJ would still be legal to grow and possess, but recreational sales may go out the window. Pay attention to the news if you want to understand why this stock does what it does.

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      • Continuing to bang the gong loudly about the health benefits of the product would be a great strategy for both scenarios, i.e., macro and micro, if we want to shorten the acceptability curve.

        Frankly speaking, it really is no longer a matter of "if", but has now become one of "when". Buying now, knowing the human nature that I mentioned before and the economic fragility we all recognize, may be a really shrewd move a year out.

        Amplification of the merits could, and likely will, carry the day.

      • mjna's growth is not all about recreational use. more about medicinal products etc..
        mostly it's going down due to day traders and the SA news, yes there was some bad info. according to a new study only 10% of earnings reported by big companies here in europe are right. can't be too different in the US.

      • Sorry but MJ Dispensaries and MJNA are not related whatsoever. MJNA sells hemp-oil infused products which are not related to MJ at all.

        The stock is going down because of the revelation that MJNA does not earn from Dixie Elixers. MJNA earns revenue from Dixie Botanicals, but their products are ultra-expensive and cannot possibly be selling as well as we've been led to believe.

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    • The point is that MJNA knew the true revenue from product sales from Dixie Botanicals in their Q4 2012 financials. However, they decided to create the illusion that their revenues were greater than they were by including stock sales and without giving specifics on the data. Although they are not required to, this was still a deceptive move. Regardless, the deception had consequences, namely that it led to reports of blow-out earnings in the millions when in fact the company operated at a loss.

      On the premise of blowout earnings, the stock was pumped through explosive alerts. This brought the hype to draw investors in and bring the stock to as high as 50 cents. However, the situation was exposed by Seeking Alpha as they investigated the details of the Q4 2012 financials. Investors are starting to understand that Q1 2013 will not be nearly as profitable as forecasted. With Tripp Keber stepping down from the Board of Directors, it seems to many as though he is trying to protect his professional reputation before the potentially embarrassing earnings announcement. Just my humble opinion.

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