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  • emiliojohn Jun 14, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    Nerves of Steel...............

    This is what penny stock investing is all about.......... Is mjna good or is it bad???? I think the laws of the country are moving in favor of all these marijuana companies........ Remember this is a long term stock.... so what if it goes down.... and so what if it goes up..... it wont matter until the Federal laws change.!!! Again if the stock goes to 30 cents today it wont matter, if it goes to 8 cents today it wont matter... WhaT matters are the laws and when the laws change wich im sure reasonable people can agree they probably will MJNA will do quite well IMO long since nov 145k

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Those sentiments do ring true emillojohn when you are dealing with honest money making companies..IMO MJNA does not appear to be in that category. If I were investing more in this space i would look at the legit companies in this space namely PHOT. BTW "long since nov 145k" which you post after every silly post you make does not give you the credibility you think it does to your makes you look like you are bragging, naive, or just full of it..take your pick but it does NOT lend you any creds on a board. If you were really long you would buy and go away and none of us would ever hear from you or know you exist so "me thinks" you're full of #$%$ in more ways then one...GL w/that...

    • I urge you to keep buying more no matter what - if it keeps going down, you can buy that many more shares. Use whatever equity you can find, sell XOM and GE if you have those, and use those payday loans as well. Just keep adding at any level and all will be well.

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