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    #$%$ Incs PhytoSPHERE Systems CBD - A Natural Evolution in Health ..June 21, 2013

    By: Perry Coleman

    #$%$, Inc’s (MJNA.PK) PhytoSPHERE Systems is ramping up capacity to deliver one of the most revolutionary compounds promoting health and wellness in our lifetime. I’m not talking about some synthetic compound mixed in lab. I’m talking about a naturally occurring compound derived from the industrial hemp plant stalk and seed known as Cannabidiol (CBD).

    What is CBD?

    Most people are familiar with #$%$ which is the scientific term that’s used to describe the genus (biological classification) of marijuana or hemp. Marijuana contains both THC (the stuff that gets people high) and CBD. Hemp commonly refers to the low THC strains of the Sativa plant that are used for industrial applications and highly nutritious food products and oils.

    What many don’t realize is that a lot of the medicinal benefits attributed THC or other cannabinoids are actually derived from the CBD content of the #$%$. CBD is also legal to consume in the United States (US) so the benefits can be realized without any risk breaking federal or state laws. In fact, it’s legal to import hemp into the US, but growing it is still a problem at the federal level. Many states are changing their laws and pressuring congress to change federal laws promoting hemp cultivation. Progress is slow but improving every day.

    The Benefits of CBD

    CBD has some amazing properties as shown in this YouTube video that promote health and curing for many maladies that affect both human and animal sufferers. As I mentioned above, THC is the compound that provide the psychotropic effect that is desired by some to alleviate some medical needs or provide the recreational effects. But CBD has no intoxicating effects. So those wishing to medicate without getting high have alternatives.


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    • Perry Coleman bringing the facts... Great Article.

      lol sully

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    • Indeed, this is through, people who have cancer can be helped with hempoil from Red Dice Holdings. If you have cancer why should you not try to do it better with your health if this hempoil has helped before for people who have cancer? One of MJNA holdings has already made investigation and that for twenty years.
      All these bashers here do not really know what a treasur MJNA is, but of course they don't like to know because they like only to buy cheap shares. Don't sell your shares and don't be afraid from all this bashers here. There is no need for.

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    • The CBD compound has the distinction of being an extremely strong anti-inflammatory. Inflammations traditionally treated with corticosteroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can now be treated with cannabinoids. A new door is opening to offer a different approach in treating inflammation of the brain such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


      There are studies that show that it also helps the body not make the chemicals that cause inflammation. This is a preventative effect that could give those having a family history of these types of diseases some hope. Studies have also shown that high levels of CBD can relieve nausea and convulsive indications. But most significant of all, CBD is shown promise in treating cancer and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), two extremely difficult to treat inflictions.

      Strategic Preparation

      As these benefits become more well known and accepted in the medical community, and by those seeking improved personal health and fitness choices, the demand for CDB and other cannabinoids will increase.

      Luckily for those seeking relief, #$%$, Inc’s PhytoSPHERE Systems is procuring enough raw material to meet future demand with its CBD-rich oil products. All CBD products have been laboratory tested and come with a Certificate of Analysis with each purchase. The company is demonstrating true vision by preparing for the increase in demand that is building.

      To Your Health

      CBD benefits are clearly a revolution in health care treatment, prevention and overall well being for its users. Easing our discomforts and ailments with a natural compound that is highly nutritious is a common sense approach to health and fitness.

      The ability to protect ourselves against such maladies as inflammation, anxiety and degraded mental cognition using CBD is backed by solid research. Both the health conscious and investment community alike might be interested in #$%$, Inc’s PhytoSPHERE System’

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