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  • c_jack_2010 c_jack_2010 Jul 9, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    Google "penny stock wiki" and read

    See if you see any simularities to some of post on this bulletin (message) board?

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    • emiliojohn Jul 13, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

      Spreading information is good as long as its honest, But Jack the question is can you give us information on this stock??? lol strong buy

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      • I think the several things surrounding the stock are big red flags. Let me give you some examples. 1) Seeking Alpha's article about Q4 and the stock trending down ever since should be the biggest red flag for anyone - go find the article and read it. 2) Google their product Canchew gum - there are several web links. It contains CBD not THC otherwise it would be illegal to sell. There are a lot of claims about the benefits of CBD but also a BIG FDA warning statement on their website. The gum cost almost $3/piece - who's buying it? 3) Almost any pharma lab can grow pot and extract chemicals from it assuming it was legal. I see nothing that makes this stock special. Legalizing pot would mean more competition and IMO leave these guys in the dust. 4) Look at my original topic heading and read, not one, but several articles and compare them to the messages on this board - another big red flag about posts telling how this stock is going to the moon on a bunch of baseless BS, when in reality it keeps trending down. Just go back and read some of their predictions. Put it all together and come up with your own conclusions.

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    • see if you meet the criteria for intellectually disabled. What's your purpose here - to save others? Complete BS. You have an agenda and you're simply a jerk.

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      • My agenda is clear. I'm pointing out this is a penny stock, with a large market cap and the dangers that surround that (see topic heading). A reverse split could easily put this stock over $5 with a lot of benefits and ease a lot of these fears, but then the stock would be much more closely scrutinized by the SEC. These dangers I point out are in the articles I suggested to search. What's wrong with that? In addition, they tell how others on this bulletin board hype or pump stocks with no or very little facts related to the actual stock, case in point are the replies I just got back, including yours. Now instead of calling me a "jerk with an agenda," why not simply post some facts that support your reasons to hold the stock and what will make the price per share turn around besides the baseless BS being posted. Look at the charts trend. This is what I have to backup what I'm saying, they're called facts.

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    • test

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