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  • tpmavrakos tpmavrakos Aug 12, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    do you really think the pigs in washington will legalize it.big pharma will loose big money=less tax dollars

    Real simple to figure they really care about your health.cigarettes are still legal and it kills 400,000 plus a year.because it brings in taxes.

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    • You can't LOOSE big money. You mean LOSE. There are many words in English that sound similar but have different meanings. Why didn't you know this?

    • tp ... you're wrong on some of the above !!! the pharma will jump in with both feet once the government gets the regs. in order. They're not willing at this point to create controversy just yet. But this has been a phama product for years. My husband was taking marinol before he died in '03 for pain and appetite. If you think that the tabacco industry and pharmas aren't gearing up for this .... think again. As you mentioned, it's about the $$$$$$$$ and the gov. knows that.

    • We are at the beginning stages of legalization, decriminalization is not legalizing MJ for recreational use, but is a stepping stone for legalizing for medical use. and yes I truly believe we will get there in under 2 years or possibly much sooner. Legalized MJ will bring in just as much if not more money than all these pharmaceuticals combined. MJ has many more uses other than just the medical side. Opinions have changed over the years and its going to bring MJ to every doorstep in this country in the form of textiles, fuels and medical breakthroughs.

      glty shorty...

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      • I Really think mmj will be legal at the federal level in due time. What needs to happen first is for these big pharms to do clinical studies, get some new drugs thru the phase one and two and into three then when phase three is nearing the end congress will pass the mmj as long as it is FDA approved. That will be the key, i think at the federal level big pharm is so into their pockets that unless the laws conform to the way big phearm sees fit, congress will not let their bread and butter retirement fund go away. I think for mmj to continue to be used in the true sense of the phrase, it will have to be approved by the FDA. So along with that i do not see the smoking form of mmj to go into the future. The smoking form is for potheads alone. Anything gained by smoking can be regulated at a closer level and put into a digestable form.

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