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  • bkkstehlik bkkstehlik Oct 10, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    Truth be told, " Why are you bashers here"

    So why is Jgus and meatweagon here along with the others???

    They have reasons on why they continuously bashing. Plan and simple its money. They are here to make money. If the company was bad it would have folded when SA went after it. They would have crashed the company/stock but fact is the company has many goals and has so much potential. But the hurdles are BIG. They bash a company because they are slow on getting NEW product out? Heck they are the only MJ company with a product line. PHOT doesn't count, anyone can sell HOME DEPOT lights. MJNA sells CBD and if you dont think they will sell THC when legal you are just not smart.

    Facts are these guys are bashing MJNA because they have other motives. They are not on the MB because they want to save you. Do you really think Jgus and meatwagon care about you and your money?? They are SCAMMERS!!!! Plan and simple SCAMMERS.

    Ive posted many times and never once changed my stand. I believe in CBD and MJNA. They have alot going on in a really tuff industry. Yes do your DD and see how much further along MJNA is then any other MJ company. MJNA is paving the path for the rest of the MJ companys. MJNA is first in line and will be there leader for a long time.

    Dont be fooled, these bashers do not care about you. They bash to make money. So if you sell now just remember you helped pay for jgus and meatwagons happy meal.

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