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  • alphahunter Jun 25, 2009 11:24 PM Flag

    How to anticipate a PW? =>

    Answer: listen to the competition: from K+S presentation June 24th. Net net , they expect global volume to be down by 20%.

    "􀁺 Revenues should decline markedly in 2009
    • Following the estimates contained in the Forecast Report of the Financial Report 2008 and against the
    background of the price level for potash and magnesium products evident in the first quarter, we
    expect a tangibly higher average price level for 2009 as a whole compared with the previous year.
    However, we expect significantly lower sales volumes, which will approximately offset the
    aforementioned price effect. While the revenues of the Nitrogen Fertilizers business segment should
    be down significantly, mainly in view of substantial price decreases, we expect significantly higher
    revenues for the Salt business sector because of the good start for the de-icing salt business.
    • The revenue forecast assumes an average US dollar exchange rate for 2009 of about
    1.30 USD/EUR (2008: 1.47 USD/EUR).
    􀁺 Significantly lower operating earnings expected in 2009
    • The decreasing sales volumes in the Potash and Magnesium Products business segment and the
    much lower expected earnings in nitrogen fertilizers should cause operating earnings of K+S group to
    fall significantly. A stronger US dollar exchange rate and higher earnings from Salt are not inclining us
    to change this forecast.
    􀁺 Ad hoc notification of 17 June 2009
    • In view of extraordinarily weak sales volumes, we have reduced our sales expectations for 2009 to 4.0
    to 4.5 million tonnes. With regards to lower potash prices on major overseas markets and the
    upcoming autumn fertilization, we implemented a corresponding reduction in the price of one tonne of
    granulated potassium chloride in Europe from EUR 555 to EUR 435. In view of these developments,
    further significant reductions in revenues and earnings are to be expected in the current financial year"

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