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  • Has anyone heard a rumor about POT possibly buying Agruim?

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    • Not a chance unless AGU drops by about 75%. What assets of AGU would POT want?
      N plants -- no
      Retail -- no
      K mine -- yes but they can increase capacity at there own mines cheaper

      And no rumors other than the one you're trying to start, good luck!

    • Just the thing I'm looking for!!

    • yes, your theory of sell the losers for tax
      purposes could be right. Thanks for bringing it up. Once
      this selling abates I will buy truckloads of Potash
      (pun intended)

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    • Could it be possible that Fund Managers with POT
      in their portfolios are dumping it ? It would make
      sense because it has recovered somewhat (so they don't
      lose muh) but it still bears a stigma of having dived
      since last summer's highs. They could report that they
      are not holding any POT for their year-end reports
      and then scramble to pick it up in the new year. I've
      got no leads I was just thinking.

      Hey Novice a
      bit of personal question. Why did you choose that
      It seems you are pretty knowledgable.

    • Another one is POT. Some crazy selling going on
      there. That company can make more than a buck a share a
      quarter, and the stock is about 33% off it's high, but
      still, there is some nervous seller out there who just
      doesn't want to hold it. Oh well! No, I know, he may know
      something I don't, maybe the industry is headed to the pigs
      and maybe people won't grow crops anymore or potash
      will be killed by it's competitors or whatever, but I
      tell you, one thing I have learnt from what Buffet
      says, everything about a company is in it's balance
      sheet. And POT has a good sheet. And so, I have added to
      my position during this selling.


    • into the 70's and 80's. Thank you, my dear seller!

    • it's got to be good for the industry because that
      means oversupply will be removed. That's why I say it
      is an idiot who is selling. Notice the high volume
      of selling but the stock really hasn't dropped down
      much, showing that people out there are accumulating
      this stock at this price. I myself am a short term
      trader, don't believe too much in long term buy and hold,
      but POT looks good for short term. Also, another
      undervalued play is LEA, you can get it at almost half it's
      52 week high.


    • If someone picked up a whole lot of POT at $48.00
      to $50.00 (USD)
      I believe he is now laughing all
      the way to the bank. If it is an institutional
      investor they maybe trying to lock gains for end of year
      reporting (what their bonus is based on!).
      I share your
      frustration (my cost is at $92.00 !!!!)
      We just have to be
      patient and wait til spring then we'll see who will be
      laughing. Hang in there POT just hit an important
      resistance point it'll be back !!

    • Can't believe that there was someone out there
      selling POT today at 67 and change! While I don't know
      how much they sell in Central America, the hurricane
      (micth) would cause them to buy a lot of fertilizer next
      year. And Asia (india and china) continue to do strong,
      and demand seems to be good. AND they may buy back
      their own stock also, to top it all off. And with all
      this we see someone taking the stock down in a bull
      %*^&#$ rally. Crazy. Let the selling be done, and this
      guy is going to cry when potash is in the 80's before
      the end of the year.


    • In so far as my recent posting is concerned I
      don't think my crediblity is an issue I simply posted a
      copy of a very informative article I found in MSN
      Investor. Since one needs to be a subscriber not everyone
      has access to these articles I just thought people on
      this board would be interested.

      In my message
      163 I was lamenting the condition of my portfolio
      after the dive POT had taken and responded to someone
      who heard of POT buying out AGU in very humorous
      manner. I didn't come up with the rumour neither did I
      come up with the possible ways POT could shore up its
      share price. I read an analysts report stating the
      alternatives available to POT and simply made his opinions
      available to everyone on this board. As a matter of fact I
      had expressed my doubts on the alleged POT takeover
      of AGU because I didn't think it made sense. I
      believe the purpose of this board is to exchange
      information on POT not for anyone to pass himself as a Guru
      on POT.

      One last word on credibility. How
      credible are those "Experts" participating in the annual
      Wall Street Journal stock pick contest??? A monkey
      throwing darts on aboard has beaten all the "experts" 5 or
      six times out of the past seven years !

      info you read should be taken with a grain of salt and
      you should use your own judgement.

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