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  • rwagner467 rwagner467 Aug 14, 2012 1:50 PM Flag


    We finally got passed Einhorn, greenberg and sec investigation. Institutions are upgrading hlf to a buy and reitterating that buy recommendation over and over again. The quarterly reports are awesome. Hlf gives an exceptional dividend and continually benefits shareholders with share buybacks. Now is the time for the stock to soar. Unfortunately the shorts (which is very high for hlf since they had so many obstacles to overcome) have nothing on the table to bring the stock down. That is except to come on these message boards and try to scare the shareholders into selling. I have not seen the charts and don't need to. Charts can be right or wrong. I like to believe the financials, the fundamentals and the company over the shorts. The only thing weighing down this stock now is the shareholders. For all of us to bring this company back to it previous high we need to be confident and hang in there and add to our positions while it's down because this stock is undervalued.

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    • Very well said lady!!!

    • I agree with most of what you say but the dividend is not enough for most investors who care about dividends to deal with the volatility. Fundamentals of the company are good but you have no major players currently buying on fundamentals. Until that occurs the HFTs are the major players in the market and they are all algorithmic traders. So at the risk of sounding too much like de.19711... the charts will tell you where this thing is heading in the short term. Long term I believe HLF will be an incredible opportunity at current levels.

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      • I am looking at a 2.30% dividend. That is above most dividends and has increased year over year. Almost all of my portfolio pay dividends and this is my highest payer. Why would the large institutions want to stay away with a generous dividend like that?

      • I don't think what people say on message boards has more than a trivial effect on share price. In fact, very often the stock is moving on news that people on the board haven't even seen.

        To the larger point: It'd be nice if we were beyond Einhorn, but his ghost still lurks outside the window. And even aside from him, there's a lot of smoke around HLF right now making people worry there might be fire. So the current price is factoring in risk. I don't think it's a conspiracy. I also think it's probably going up long-term.

      • Yup looks like I jumped in to early but since I have Sept calls I'll wait for the charts to turn around.. It will this shouldn't be in the 50's.

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