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  • matt307 Aug 29, 2012 12:44 PM Flag

    $49.45 =90%

    when i guess 49.45 a week ago, i guess i call it.

    how i pray it stops, and bounces back.

    it did in the pass.

    hope , history repeats itself.

    it does not look good at all now, sorry.

    Actually i looked back on the charts, it when down around 100% Retracement,

    i bought in at 50.26 , i guess i jump the gun.
    should have held out longer.

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    • Just curious how you came up with your numbers. HLF bottomed in the 42's & topped in the 55ish area. Thats 13 pts. 90% is almost 12 pts. As for where it goes, I dont think the CEO wants it to go below what he purchased HLF for several months back which is the 47.7 area. I think he knows not to try the buyback unless its done short & sweet. With the election coming, its doubtful he does much. Next earnings report will be good but not better then their last one, partially due to the cost of goods going up.. JMO

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