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  • csco_brat csco_brat Dec 23, 2012 7:09 PM Flag

    notice presentation did not include a single eyewitness testimonial of abuse

    Ackman claims that those inacitve distributors are "failed" by the business model. Well maybe it just wasn't their thing or they found a better job that pays more than $100/week. If this really is a ponzi with millions of victims, you would think Ackman would of interviewed one or two and included their testimonials in his report. But nope he didn't. Ask youreself why. My guess is because he couldn't really find anybody who told him they where tricked into thinking herbalife would make them rich (99% of people aren't that dumb) and that most people getting into herbalife are just looking for some supplemental income. Herbalife clearly discloses that vast majority of people earn less than $6,000. Ackman tries to make a big deal out of the %'s that herbalife talks about as being understated. But that still doesn't change the fact that Herbalife clearly says that the vast majority make very little. I find Ackman's major premise that Herbalife is sucking in unsophisticated people with hope of riches as being extremely hard to prove and also very inaccurate.

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