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  • oxledge oxledge Dec 24, 2012 12:41 PM Flag

    Ackman saying he is short and calling for SEC investigation is pathetic

    I find Ackman's promotion of his short position and then his calling for an SEC investigation is pathetic and the later should be considered an illegal activity. It is like someone standing up in the movie theater and screaming fire (when there is none) and then in the panic he creates, he runs into to the theater lobby and pulls every fire alarm, thereby calling the fire department (the SEC) to the scene. Everyone outside hears the fire trucks and police headed tot he scene and reports that there is a major disaster underway. The whole thing becomes a short term self fulfilling prophesy. It is disgusting. My attitude is that if someone is going to make such claims that they then should be subject to liable. Why not? Their erroneous claims cause enormous financial damage to shareholders. As such, Ackman should be subject to financial claims from shareholders. If Ackman is correct in his claims, then no problem - the shares will drop and he incurs no claims against him. However, if his claims are false, he has done tremendous damage to shareholders through manipulation and he should have to cover everyone's losses. If Ackman were subject to such financial claims against him, all this manipulation and Wall Street baloney would stop immediately. If Ackman wants to make a private call to the SEC that HFL should be investigated, then no problem. That is a private request and no one need know until the SEC itself decides that some action, if any, is appropriate. But making a public statement to that effect is just over the top. This guy Ackman is a total #$%$ bag.

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    • But Ackman can pull it off, make half a billion profit, without anyone being able to convict him of anything. so what if a few angry customers scream at him on the msg board might be his thinking. it might be all worth it when he can cash in HALF A BIL profit even if he covers every single short today

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