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  • csaintswin csaintswin Dec 24, 2012 11:35 PM Flag

    3 day investment rule..... 3 days up in a row you sell on the open day 4

    Same rules for down trend...... should bounce $6-$7 by Friday then resume getting killed until another rinse and repeat...... $10 or less by Feb.

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    • I'll take that bet, in fact I have . . . against every trading principle I normally employ, I doubled my short today, and will look to add to my short again on any morning bounce going forward . . . as far as I"m concerned this stock is headed to oblivion, and yesterday would be too late!

    • Your three day rule is about six days off on HLF. No technicals here. This is in free fall because HLF is accused of being a scam and the company needs two weeks to prove its not. Right. Look, Ackman gave HLF the dirt he had on them in a feraking 300 slide, three hour presentation on friday morning. FRIDAY MORNING. HLF could of EASILY went through every slide and proved it to be false by today. 3 days later. EASILY. they had the slides. They got the website. Why didnt that happen. well because it is a pyramid scheme which is fraudulant and therefore illegal. Ackman's not covering on the way down. HE'S ADDING. like he said he added friday. Analysts cancelling coverage, Funds are bailing and so is insiders, so,to all longs, keep buying to support their exit. I bet Jan 10 gets backed back. Or worse, CANCELLED!!!!! They dont need 2 weeks to dispute this but rather they need 2 weeks to plan their getaway. Deploy Golden Parachute here.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I actually think it'll get worse because of margin calls

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