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  • hudget hudget Dec 26, 2012 7:32 PM Flag

    It has taken me a while

    but my posts today have helped me focus my attention on the crux of the matter. And that is that new recruits are not entering into a legitimate opportunity to make money............ but are rather being duped into buying large quantities of product and being tricked into getting their families and friends to also buy a large amount of product under the guise of a legitimate business opportunity. that is the beauty of the scheme is that it is not a true ponzi or pyramid, but rather a hybrid con job of getting people to buy product for reasons other than just wanting the product. and the people that really get paid commissions by the company are the ones who are best at bringing in the new buyers of the product under the guise of business opportunity.

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    • Even better is and I'm guessing here the product expires at some point so they have to keep buying with the hopes of one day selling? Or maybe they just use the product themselves when it nears expiration? Either way they keep buying more? Does anyone know if corporate buys back product that's past it's due date? If not that would explain the recurring sales without end users ever buying the product. Me, I've never even seen the product nor do I know anyone who has.

    • You make it sound like a revelation. Yes, its that plain and simple. It IS a ponzi scheme as Einhorn hinted long back. Also, Johnson sounded more like a ghetto kid when he said "The world would be a better place without Ackman". You could make such statements within closed doors but to make in on gotta be a #$%$. A #$%$ who gets paid 89 mil a year! Whatever they do, they're going down in about a month.

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