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  • mikestarfish mikestarfish Feb 6, 2013 1:04 PM Flag


    Let's see what happens to HLF when the market tanks.....keep buying!!! Who backs up a company that encourages distributors to find more distributors (suckers)???? to work underneath them and take a part of their sales??? Coke??? Pepsi???

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    • Products exist for a reason. PLEASE educate me on the following "unsustainable" schemes then.

      1. Tobacco companies sell a product that could harm people. Using your logic, there is no value in this business and it should disappear. Why is this industry still here today, after decades of government attack and media onslaught? Why?

      2. 99% of people playing lottery lose money. Most of the same people go right back the next week to play more. Why are there so many "suckers"? Why don't you shut down the lottery business for good.

      How about the casino business? Why are these "unsustaniable" schemes making record profits and the government does not seem to care?


      Unless you can answer these questions, you should think twice on your short position. If you enter into a short position now at $35, the most you could make is $35. The most you could lose is un-limited. When and if HLF goes to $100, you will have nightmares. Just a word of caution.

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      • Not one of the businesses you mention requires you to recruit others.

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      • It's the business model my friend....if the casino was operated by HLF it would go like this. The management would sign you up as a professional gambler and provides 100 chips for you to gamble with for $100; they also inform you that if you can find other friends or family to come to the casino to gamble they will give you 5% back of their losses; and that if they bring friends in that you get a even greater kick back.

        If this was a cigerette company operating the HLF model they would give you 5 packs of smokes for $50 but also inform you that if you can get your friends to smoke that they will give you a portion of the sales that they generate. They also inform you that the more poeple you can get addicted to the cigerettes the more money you will make up to $5000/month and potentially limitless as long as you can get exponential amount of smokers to come on board......And for the record HLF has been convicted in Brussels already for pyramid it yourself..........

        Herbalife In Belgium Convicted For Pyramid Selling in December 2011...............Of course they don't advertise this fact.....why would they????

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    • Come on people......In what other business is there a distributor pyramid???? When one distributor signs up other distributors....and those lower distributors sign up more lower distributors and get a cut of the lower totem peoples sales??? Do you think any legitimate business selling goods like Coke, Pepsi, operate on this model.

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