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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Feb 27, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Ackman is hosed: YOU BUY HLF, YOU SHORT JCP

    When a fund is in trouble, especially one managed by an arrogant whiner on the playground, he sets himself up to be the target of a good gnad shorning.... Other funds will swoop in to press his leveraged capital bets...

    So here is the market, ripping higher, and Ackman is betting against a 30 year old company with thousands of satisfied customers, excellent revenue/earning/cash flow growth, a solid dividend and huge stock buybacks recently done and underway now, and the market is roaring and Ackman thinks it is time to stand around in the middle of the freeway waving his arms to be short the story?

    Meanwhile, JCP is baton twirling vs selling anything off their iStore tables packed with #$%$ clothes no one wants in purple and orange and Ackman genius is long some UPMTEEN MILLIONS OF SHARES OF JCP AT $36 so he is super hosed on that...

    And while I'm sure he has some hedges on both (actually i hope he does not but just saying for the sake of his investors), he is getting hammered to say the least. I will be surprised if the HLF fire does not get turned up by day now that blood is in the water.

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