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  • kenrsmith2003 kenrsmith2003 Mar 13, 2013 7:13 PM Flag

    I would love to see the SEC investigate Ackman.

    It's time to pull the emails. My question is if this is what Ackman claims then why has any regulator said anything in the past. I am just curious how the SEC does not look into a hedge fund who creates a huge short position just before the end of the year...go public with the short in such a large forum...effectively juice his performance numbers for the year...charge fees for it...and continue to publicly trash the stock, company, and management. Regulatory investigations go both ways Mr Ackman.

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    • Call and leave a complaint. I already did...

    • The only people that work for the SEC are the losers on Wall St.... SEC gets all the guys who fail on Wall St. so they are always getting people who are not good at what they do and don't understand how everything works. Why make 80k when you can make millions??? Answer: The good ones don't. The SEC is filled with failed traders, hedge fund managers, etc.. You have the losers trying to catch the winners. jmho

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    • You are an idiot.

      Why didn't the SEC take action against Madoff when the information was handed to them a number of times years earlier?

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      • Well publicly traded companies have regular interations with regulators. SEC filings on almost everything that is done within the company. Then there are regular SOX reviews of the firm's contols. It's kind of hard to make a comparison between Madoff and HLF. The company went public in 2004...don't you think that the NYSE and the SEC have a little bit of a review process during the pre IPO process. Has the business shifted so much since 2004 that the regulators would be able to call it a scam. How is Avon or Tupperware so different? Intellegent opions are appreciated.

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