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  • nanotech_zinc nanotech_zinc Apr 20, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

    MLMs aren't going anywhere...ask Warren Buffett about his Pampered Chef and he cant shut up

    Amway has been a failure prediction for 5 decades and it is now close to 12B in worldwide sales. The folks that do get into an MLM, go to rally’s and functions where they see folks crossing the stage as high level IBO's and they know these succeeding people joined just a short year or two ago. They sit there knowing they can do it too but the TV is between them and the success their MLM of choice "can provide" with lots of work after they get off work from the JOB. That’s the roadblock and after a while the TV series Justified or Homeland wins. Just a hand full will succeed in anything in life though so it’s no big deal if tons fail in an MLM, look at Exxon, only a handful will make it to the top and make the big money, same in an MLM but many of those that make it to the top 1% of an MLM have no formal education...such as the highest money make in the world of MLM's...Brig Hart of Monavie and Amway prior to that. People love the friends they make in an MLM, they love the positive speeches and motivational rallies and functions. HOPE for a better life is minimal with most jobs and folks get depressed but then an MLM comes along and they get new hope that this will be the path and it can be...but the TV has to be blown up or covered up or it won’t happen.

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    • Great post and so true. MLMs are here to stay, Obama isnt going to do anything to harm the Pampered Chef or Amway owned by two of the most powerful politically connected families in America. The DeVos family owns Hatteras Yachts, Orlando Magic and several hockey teams, Peter Island and on and on. Power is the key and Warren B and others behind the large MLMs will walk the line to avoid the pyramid crime

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