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  • karmakahuna karmakahuna May 4, 2013 6:42 PM Flag


    wonder if your Uncle Buck will redeem them at fair value or tell me to get lost same as the TWA employees who lost their TWA pension to corporate raiders{{{read fleece artists}}} when pension fund was expropriated{{{read stolen}}}},,, Now of course you should look up TWA on wikipedia with Enron and Worldcom before you run out and spend your lunch money on more HLF shares expecting a MOASS,,, Wait fer it,,,burp the capper,,wait fer it,,icahn might make you rich,,,too funny,,ROFL

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    • Just type in Falco Lake UFO incident and read about most documented UFO incident in history,,,Guy spoke 6 languages that was injured and over 100 people witnessed lights at night and drone during daylight in 1957,,Govt later sealed their findings or lost them,,, The truth is stranger than fiction dude,,,jmho

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      • Should have typed """Falcon Lake UFO incident"" occured in 1957,,,Makes area 51 sound like total BS..jmho,,or those alleged ""devils mountain""incidents under the 7-sisters star constelation of Wyoming... Learn something more important than waiting for a MOASS to happen dude,, Geez you need a new hobby,,,Ever try fly tying?? Or perhaps you can assemble fishing tackle or fill and lick envelopes for the Jehovah Witnesses,,They let you do that in prison convict? JMHO

    • Time to go read those laughable posts on HAL,CSCO and INTC,,,that is where the real whackjobs of these forums are posting their internet opinions about obama, syria,,isreal,,iran etc and just about anything else totally bizarre such as red-eyed aliens found residing in condos in cayman islands and in star-ship orbiting earth that is cloaked and un-detectable by military radar. ROFL

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    • Just joking about finding those TWA shares,,,Wanted to remind the youngsters about the TWA bagholders who got shafted by Icahn years ago waiting for Icahn to make them rich,,But actually i found a great guitar i later gave away as a gift at a yard sale years ago,,Also bought some pistols at a yard sale in years ago as well,, Lots of great deals at those yard sles bud. JMHO

    • So you are shopping at yard sales now?

    • Should name this Yahoo alias ""randyshadow""" as ""myshadow"""seeing as you reply to my posts same hour i post them,,You live on this HLF forum or what? I put this post just to remind some people what kind of person Icahn was in the TWA deal,,Does a leopard change its spots so easily wiseguy? Perhaps your alias should be ""company chump"" or ""company pump"" or how about ""crewslut""..ever hear that song by Frank Zappa,,, Hey baby we will buy you a pizza,,,with that free "dominoes pizza certificate" we got from Netflix after opening 25 Netflix accounts with bogus names and e-mail addresses,, Wonder how many of those new Netflix accounts are paying customers,,ha ha or just people opening free "trial accounts" to get free dominoe pizza gift cards,, Dont they run that promotion in your neighborhood anymore?,,This recent pump and dump of HLF might be worth jumping in on but my GILD just went up 3bucks to close over 55, And it pays no dividend and i fine with that especially if it splits again soon,,Check historicals and you will realize that this HLF went up 5 bucks just before ex-div date then dropped from 42.88 to recent lows,,It is only back to approaching the same PPS it was at 2 MONTHS AGO,,, Tell that to recent visitors to this forum instead of your MOASS bullshyte . You sure type #$%$ that a company pump types,, JMHO

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    • Don'tnyou get sick of hearing yourself? Your mother is at home waiting for you to service her. That will give a loser like yourself something to do. Moron

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