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  • thankgodforthestockmarket thankgodforthestockmarket Jul 11, 2013 8:43 AM Flag

    Will Herbalife announce a 2/1 stock split before or after earnings???

    Do I smell a stock split coming with HLF? I mean, the stock has been moving up steadily despite ever present bashing by the shorts and negative alpha articles. And everytime traders take a profit and the stock dips, it bounces back up. Why? Is Herbalife going to announce it's first stock split?

    HLF is certaintly a stock that can benefit from a stock split. It is growth stock and still, even after the Einhorn and Ackman attacks, up over 250% over the last three years. Fundamentals are strong. Sales are moving well around the world and especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Option activity has been very bullish with lots of call buying and put selling. Rumor is that many Herbalife distributors and employees have been building their positions in HLF. If true, that would account for the consistent runup in HLF stock.

    HLF has proven to be very resilent bouncing very well off of $23 (after the Ackman attack) back to over $50 This is one of the characteristics that stocks plit stocks portray. Longs have been patient through the last few months and mostly loyal. What better way to reward them than by splitting the stock 2/1? And what better way to fry the shorts. When the stock splits, that means that short shares also split doubling the potential losses to shorts. Wowee!

    Will Herbalife announce a stock split for HLF? I don't know for sure but I wouldn;t count against it. I hope they do. Fry the shorts for sure and send this stock over $70 again very quickly.

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    • stick_a_fork_in_ackman_hes_done stick_a_fork_in_ackman_hes_done Oct 4, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

      I think one is coming. HLF has the shares authorized and the growth to support a stock split. I'm all for it. With a 2/1 stock split, surely HLF will SOAR over $100 easy.

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    • I sincerely hope so. It will also prove once and for all what a liar Ackman reallyis. Or at least, what a fool Ackman is.

      A 2/1 stock split will really add momentum to HLF. But maybe HLF thinks that already have enough momentum with adding a split at this time and will do one later.

      For me, I love splits.

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    • HLF 2/1 SPLIT
      Some of you guys here definately must be wrong claming that HLF never split before. Before using my present online broker I used to trade stocks through my bank, but since their comissions are rediculous high I never sold. Anyway in June 2009 I bought 25.000 HLF at 16.20. Last time I checked it said 50.000 HLF in my account, so some time between 2009 and the Whole Einhorn/Ackman show there must have been a 2/1split - I was told it was around when the stock was in it's 90ties...

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    • HEI just announced a 5/4 stock split effective Oct 23rd. Their price at the time of the announcement was under $70. With HLF earnings coming up, the question once again is, WILL HLF ANNOUNCE A 2/1 STOCK SPLIT BEFORE OR AT EARNINGS.???

      With the huge growth HLF stock has seen lately, it appears as though it is possible and I beleive it is a reality.
      Just think what a 2/1 stock split would do to Ackman and the other remaining shorts!

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    • Not sure if Herbalife would announce a stock split at this price, but I agree it would be beneficial. MSFT announced a 2/1 split at a price lower than where HLF is at now. So really it is not about the price the stockl is at now. It is about attracting investors and splits historically attract new investors. So I think, yes, it make sense to do a split. Would also be a guaranteed way to get rid of those pesty shorts.

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      • 2 Replies to market_trader2013
      • Msft is NOT trading higher today than the day they announced an adjusted stock split. That was 14 years ago and they STILL aren't trading at the level they split.

        Your theory is wrong.

      • Good point. Who says that a stock has to be a certain price to split? That folly is like saying that when a stock splits it is like taking a pencil and breaking it in half. You had one now you have two halves. No change. Of course this is utter nonsense. Stock splits generate excitement and new buyers and there is a tendency for a stock once it has split to really move up dramatically. And, the stock moves very quickly on a split announcement too.

        I think a stock split would be a smart move. So I vote YES to a stock split.

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    • Hey Flutie, here's a new twist for your strategy: the "air split".

    • I think at earnings. But you never know for sure.

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    • HLF has never done a split. I think it is about time!

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      • 1 Reply to cjgvns
      • This may be difficult for you to understand. Take an oatmeal company and cut in to two equal portions. Now you have 2 pieces that equal the previous whole cookie. Nothing changes . You have 2 X shares at half the price. What we need is to have HLF complete their buy back or take the company private . Better yet get the yoke of the short sides misrepresentations settled.This will start with the audit and earnings. The FTC must issue their findings and when they do it will be over for the shorts. There is no cutting the baby in half on this issue.We will win. I am sure thaat there will be some changes but nothing material to sales and earnings. It appears the company has already made some changes along those lines.

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