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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Jul 24, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Earnings Date is Monday the 29th

    Not tomorrow as I mistakenly suggested earlier on a couple threads. For anyone following along our call a few months ago to own these shares back to $60 into this conference call, we added a bunch on the completed base building and more as it broke out on Carl's comments last week (above the important $53.70 pivot). We also added another small chunk Monday and took off our residual hedge shorts today on this really lame shakeout.

    We see the stock moving up hard on fundamental progress (see NUS move on fundamentals and short nut crunch as we said last week) and expect the shares will jump above $65, perhaps reaching $70 next week as the short margin calls and hedge fund leverage lines are pressured with what is morphing from Carl's "daughter of a short squeeze" to date into his "mother of all short squeezes as the stock rips higher, tearing out the heart and lungs of the unhedged shorts.

    LOL at the short call writers, long put buyers, and cheesy weekly options trading and posers here... grand entertainment for those long the shares with or without hedges (not really needed from here on up to $70 these days).

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    • squeeze tracker .... In other words, there will be 20 million + shares traded some day very very very soon - IMHO

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    • squeezetracker, Regarding HLF: It's good to know that someone else here is also aware of the fundamentals with this company -- past, present and future -- and how they compare with other Companies in their sector. IMHO, I can't see how those holding a short position here will be able to survive another day if and when trading volume reaches and surpasses 9 to 10 million. There seem to be only two scenarios left to occur here: either we close daily(s) at 60 and/or 62 on volume of 6 to 8 million (gasp!) or we go much much much higher on a 9 to 10 million +++ volume day .... 72 to74

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