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  • archarch_60477 archarch_60477 Sep 18, 2013 9:08 PM Flag

    Wow a whole hour without singhlion

    Did his Prozac kick in

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    • He took a whole bottle of Sleep Now

      • 1 Reply to gordito1954
      • a.milehighdog wrote, " put him on ignore and you will go for days...... "


        I would prefer that everyone take SingLying off of ignore, then flag him for abuse and give him a thumbs down on every one of the M0R0NS comments and topics !

        If he gets flagged at least 10 times on each of his trash posts full of disguised profanity and other violations of Yahoo's Terms of Service, they should block him for awhile, if not delete his profile entirely!

        A few months ago, when Swarmi lost all that money by selling at $46, buying back the same day at $51, then selling at a loss to go short, he went more mental than usual by posting under several new aliases tons of crazy insults, rants and tirades. Yahoo started to block him.

        The best way to handle serial trash posters like SingLying and those like him, is to get them banned so that infrequent visitors to the board won't be swayed or confused by their lies or negative trash.

        PLEASE try it.
        Lets see at least 10 thumbs down for inappropriate posts by him, BullTinkle, Tuba_Swarmi, and others like them !


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • a.milehighdog Sep 18, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

      put him on ignore and you will go for days......

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