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  • iyadger iyadger Dec 19, 2007 3:30 PM Flag

    I talked to Harris,

    I asked about meeting the deadline, He said we asked for extension, we obtained it and we do not intent to miss it. We still have time and as soon the report is ready we will announce it with or without prior notice. I asked about current stock prices, he said I can�t give you any investment advice but in my press release of sep. 07 when the stock was hovering around $7-8 we believed it was way oversold.

    Go to company press release of Sep. 5, 07 at the company website to see that

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    • This the last time I am posting how to calculate the book value.

      If you are short, just cover and go long because you are going to make much more money, trust me! JADE downtrend is practically ZERO but the uptrend is huge. JADE is a growth company in the fastest growing country in the world not a company on the verge of bankruptcy. I know you are afraid of OTC. Do you have any idea how many big companies are now trading OTC. NASDAQ gives companies more prestige and it has nothing to do with their business model, amount of money they make or level of growth and you can trade their shares just the same.

      I am a pro and I take huge position when I like a stock. Do you have any idea what would be jade�s market cap by the year 2010 after opening of near 1000 stores across china as Harris said in the conference call, if each store sales 300K a year with 50% margin you are looking at 300M annual sales with 150M net profit.

      BIDU is a Chinese growth company made nearly 38.6M in 06 with tangible assets of only 150M today closed at $375 a share. That is 12.7 Billion market cap. I am not trying to compare JADE with BIDU but I want you to know this is the kind of money people are willing to pay for a good growth company.

      Forget about pennies, go for the jackpot. Come to the other side, you are going to be a wealthy man.

      Now here aging how to calculate JADE book value.

      JADE Estimated Book Value at Year End 2007!

      A stock book value is calculated by dividing the company net tangible assets by the total number of shares.

      Net tang abele assets of a steady growth company can be easily predicted by looking at the company past performance and its percentage of growth.

      Here is how to calculate JADE Net Tangible Assets at the year end 2007

      Look at the company�s balance sheet

      Net Tangible Assets

      2003 26.6M
      2004 32.6M Up 22.5%
      2005 43.5M Up 33.4%
      2006 58M up 35% (Estimated)
      2007 80M up 38% (Estimated)

      ENZO Retail
      Q1 2007 Annalists Estimated Sale 5.6 M, actual was 9M up 60%
      Q2 2007 Annalists Estimated Sale 7M, actual was 10M up 42%
      Q3 2007 11M (Estimated)
      Q4 2007 12M (Estimated)

      $9M + $10M + $11M + $12M = $42M, total estimated ENZO Retail Sales in 2007

      LJI sales ENZO at Profit Margin of near 50%, thus total ENZO profit for 2007 should be around $21M

      Adding the $21M to 80M estimated Net Tangible Assets of the company by the year end 2007 brings up the company total value to $101M.

      $101M Net Tangible Assets divided by 19M total amount of shares equals $5.31 each share book value at the year end 2007.

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      • <<This the last time I am posting how to calculate the book value.>>

        You are not talking about book value. You are talking about estimated or extrapolated book value. As long as you say that, it is fine. You do not know the tangible assets and you do not even know the share count. It is very unlikely the new accounting (if they can do it) will leave fully diluted share count at 19 million. I'll do a little editing for you.

        <<$101M estimated and entirely hypothetical Net Tangible Assets divided by estimated and entirely hypothetical 19M total amount of shares equals $5.31 each share estimated and unlikely that accurate book value at the year end 2007.>>

    • iyadger,

      Any nuance that could be derived from the call? Get any 'feelings' about how he said what he said?

    • Somehow Yahoo does not allow me to provide link to Sep 5, 07 conference call,
      Just go to the company website the investors relations, conference calls and listen carefully about the company’s rapid growth and when he is talking about the stock price of around $7 at that time that does not justify company growth.

      Obviously shorts are very nerves now; they are trying to make a few pennies but these mentally handicap people don’t know they are playing with fire and bomb can drops on their head any day now. After talking with Harris, I am very much convinced that the report will be out before the deadline. You have nothing to worry about; JAED is now trading below book value something unheard of anywhere in the market. It means no matter which platform the stocks is trading on, it worth more than what it is now trading for.

      I like shorts, they are giving us free money just for asking by dropping their shares, perhaps they are so idiot to know it or might really like us.

    • Would this be the same Harris that gets paid by JADE to speak positively about them???!!!

      If they had dirt on JADE they would bury it faster than you can spell I-D-1-0-T instead of telling you or anybody else.

    • Great work. Thanks.

    • I don't think we'll see a notice 1st. They will just drop the 2006 20-F on us.

      Shorts won't know what hit them!!!


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      • from my experience and many others that have expressed theirs, haris has a less than impressive track record. personally, i have spoken with haris on a few occassions and his credibility has been poor and thats giving him the benefit of the doubt.

        He has provided false and inaccurate information so i don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

        as the saying goes actions speak louder than words and his actions have been non existent. i am the ceo of my company and haris is simply a paid pumper otherwise he is out of a job.