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  • darkcloud1945 darkcloud1945 Jan 17, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    A Gift from Santa Claus

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! He delivered a $.12 gain on Christmas Eve and his elves are trying hard not to let anyone take it away (they usually show up in the afternoon). Beeks, although I agree with previous post, please be nice. Remember he's keeping his lists and he still may reward you with more gains if you stay off his naughty list.

    Others see the value at $1.86 (+ or -). The $2.00 offer is the peg that keeps Jade from dropping but unfortunately it's also the anchor from letting it fly. Until we get Deloitte's numbers in March, Jade will remain "same old, same old". If there's revenue growth there may be more speculators coming on board. I do worry that management has control on the eps with their spending decisions---hopefully they allow the growth in revenue to absorb the DD.

    Not much info coming out of Roth! And less from the PR firm! No news may be good news but I could use a shot in the arm.


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    • $1.86 pps still holding thanks to the end of day buyer. The lack of volume and the lack of MB posts supports the theory that Jade is just lost to the individual investor. No news or significant market action to bring it any attention. Looks like 6-8 weeks before 2012 financials are public.

      Checking the Nasdaq list of Major Holders there is only one new reporting entity since the September 30 reports...Creative Planning in Leawood KS...purchased under 100,000 shares. The December 31 summaries should be available guess is that most everyone held pat.


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