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  • revthomashall revthomashall Mar 11, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Who is selling? Buying

    I find it interesting that each day we have anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 shares traded. Sometimes less, more.
    Seems to be in the noontime, up to about 3 pm. There must be someone accumulating? Coming from shares available outstanding? vs someone selling? I'm still holding.

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    • Volume seems to be increasing slightly---still not indicating much. Yu Zhen is the only hope of stopping the private buyout IMO.

      Still holding.

    • The activity is really minimal...I keep checking the institutional activity on the Nasdaq website and frankly only 4-5 institutions are major holders and they seem to be either holding pat or accumulating slightly. The big quantity of shares IMO are being held by Yih, Ng, Au and the insiders they know.

      FV and Yu Zhen MAY be increasing their stakes still hoping for the IPO...

      Jade deviates from the norm often but over the past years the pps usually increased prior to earnings announcements and then dropped after. If that pattern repeats (and the leprechauns lend a hand in Mid-March) we may have an uptrend here. The only way Jade beats the $2.00 purchase offer is for Jade to show revenue and earnings growth sufficient to cover the DD at their new year end. Management has done a number of things to seriously depress the eps, but I still believe the "enterprise" is very viable and continued growth will overcome the DD factor. Of course, a person that believes in Santa Claus, Cupid, and leprechauns can't be taken too seriously. And then again, Easter is early this year---maybe the Easter Bunny will bring good news with the earnings report.

      Have a good day!

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      • Somebody wants the PPS to remain around 1.93 for the time being. I wish I knew why, but as Invest has mentioned, there is a buyer or group that is picking up shares by the thousands and low tens of thousands as soon as they become available.

        Are they accumulating for a pending gain, trying to take shares off the market and decided 1.93 is a good price to do so, or propping the PPS near $2 for some reason....if anyone knows please tell me.

        Good luck.