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  • mississippijohnhurt1 mississippijohnhurt1 Apr 10, 2013 6:50 AM Flag

    Check Please?!


    This looked like an exciting, upscale place to enjoy an investment "feast".
    The appetizer was wonderful and raised my expectations for an equally delightful entre.
    But, I can't chew or swallow when the waiter is holding me by the throat....up against the wall.
    I was never offered dessert.
    Check Please!
    Excuse me? I need to write the proprietor a check?

    Let me out of here!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Mississippi---

      You're right---the food was fine but the service sucked. Jade was and is a great operating entree but a clue on the management might have been when the waiter dropped the steak and put it back on the plate (Haris) or the roast duck was served cold (FV deal). Yep, this diner is unhappy but still waiting to see if there will be a surprise dessert (Yu Zhen),,,,,I fear only two things----the restaurant gets closed down (SEC de-listing) or lawsuits that might screw up trading (Yu Zhen On a positive note, this restaurant was well-decorated (glitzy advertisements--"the fastest growing jewelry manufacturer in the world") and some classy diners (this Yahoo board).

      Mississippi, I'm staying till the management throws me out or the food police shuts down the operation. I still believe we may get that dessert.

      Darkcloud---price moved up slightly to $1.92 just now---life exists..

      Sentiment: Hold