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  • investingopm investingopm Jun 6, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    Interesting thought missi... I hadn't given much thought to the "What if" of a NO vote.

    Dark, you usually peer through rose colored glasses... is there an upside to a NO vote? I suppose missi could be right in his concern for a negative reaction to a NO vote. We surely don't need that.

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    • Of course you vote NO. This is the biggest fraud I have witnessed. These guys are #$%$, along with Fountain Vest the board, and that #$%$ hole attorney Bernstein.

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      • Beekers, I wasn't asking if I should vote NO. I have never given any credence to a NO vote majority scenario. I'm still struggling with that as a reality BUT miss's comment has caused me to consider how "others" may react to a NO vote outcome. We've been spoiled with the two dollar offer keeping the price between $1.90 - (now) $1.99. A NO vote I suppose as miss suggests might cause "others" to feel less secure and we might see a drop back into the $1.60's again back to the times of lower volume and greater volatility.

    • My hope is that a "No Vote" means a majority feels that Jade is worth more than $2.00 (which IMO it is based on the book value alone!). Yih and crew are not jumping ship if that happens...too much invested and they do control the enterprise. My hope is that they pursue the IPO at that point. For that to happen the pps MUST move up substantially...which means the eps must turn positive and growth MUST continue at the same rate. The growth should progress as stores mature and new ones are a slowing rate though. The high sales and administrative costs are CONTROLLABLE and as sales increase they can be reduced as a percentage of sales...providing the net operating income to cover the preferred stock's mandatory dividend. If the IPO occurs the accrued DD is negated and becomes a gain as per the preferred stock agreement. What's the book value then?

      Granted there's a lot of hope in the "What ifs" but Yih and crew walk away with a huge gain...and that's the scenerio I'm banking on. Have you noticed that the institutions are still on board? I don't think I'm the only one with rose colored glasses...this would easily be a 2X or 3X gain.

      Jade has been a gamble for me for 8 years...and Jade has been anything but predictable...willing to wait a little longer. The next quarterly report MAY show an improvement in eps...that would be big.

      Sentiment: Hold