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  • therealtyagent therealtyagent Feb 7, 2006 12:11 PM Flag

    yet another press release

    just what you'd suspect on the hv supported blog...

    I personally have a real hard time beleiving those figures and am going to call the individual presented in the post to see if it's all for real. could be but most likely there is some word-trickery going on since most hv customers don't close one sale a year from the leads

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    • How did she get 9 Buyers? It couldn't have been with leads. It doesn't mention JustListed but she must have been paying for that service too.

      She did $1.8 Million in transactions in all of 2005. With a 2.5% co-op commission, that's $45,000 in gross commissions. Take 8% off the top for ERA corporate and that leaves $41,400 gross commissions.

      At that transaction level, she probably has a 65-35 split with her broker. That leaves $29,610 for her (there was probably some E&O insurance and other things she needed to pay too).

      Wonder how much she paid to HouseValues? $6000 for + $6000 for Just + $3600 for Home Pages equals $15,600.

      Is an agent subscriber making $14,000 a year the best HouseValues can find to promote as a success? That's below the NAR average I believe. She may have paid HouseValues more than she made!

      "Six months after joining HouseValues, Tina Whetsell-Mounger of ERA Top Producers in Knoxville, Tennessee booked her 13th transaction generated from HouseValues leads.

      �My most productive business for the year was generated after I came on board with HouseValues�including four listings and nine properties sold to folks from out of state,� says Tina."

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      • Lets not overlook the HV agent who claims he has $350,000 in commissions already in the bag for 2007 thanks to House Values. The article is on the headline section of this stock front page.

        It's garbage like this that House Values uses to entice people to sign up for their expensive one year contract that provides nothing but bogus leads. It's really sad that a company would stoop to putting out promotionals like this $350K commission guy as if most agents could attain that just by subscribing to House Values. I suspect the story is as bogus as the leads House Values sells. If the $350K isn't in his bank account then he hasn't earned it yet and shouldn't be promoting that it's a done deal.