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  • remote729 remote729 Mar 13, 2006 7:00 PM Flag

    44% institutions buying today

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    • Does anyone else on here subscribe to "The Economist" magazine and happen to read the positive article in March 11th-March 17th edition on real estate and the internet?

      Usual stuff about how last year 77% of home buyers in America used the internet to search for a property, but most people used a real estate agent.

      SOLD has a great product (it's websites), strong balance sheet, looks like they are hiring many positions which to me is an idicator of gearing up for growth.

      I think someone posted recently they are wondering if SOLD is simply being conservative with guidance using the classic "under promise, over deliver"

      I actually agree with that sentiment and applaud the company for making long term strategic decision and investing dollars back into their business.

      Profitable business model and if they can achieve some scale, EPS will absolutely explode.

      We'll see

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      • createcurrencythenexit createcurrencythenexit Mar 14, 2006 10:58 AM Flag

        "SOLD has a great product (it's websites),..."

        Housevalues is a television direct response company whose product is leads for real estate agents. Their core product web sites are single page where people enter name and contact information.

        Their new website,, has a ton of problems, some of which may not be solvable(business model in nature).

        On the accounting front, Housevalues, recently changed their amortization schedule for customer lists from 1.5 to 3.1 years. Kind of wonder why when their average customer is with them for only 14 months. In addition, last months G&A expenses was reduced, on a one time basis, because of a favorable tax settlement.

        Oh, don't forget, last quarter, for the first time, Housevalues actually had LESS RE agents as customers, then the previous quarter.

        Big troubles that a good balance sheet can cushion, but not solve.

      • How do you know they are buying? They could be selling... and probably are.

        This has a way to go down.